how to grow my channel

  1. Julia and Claire

    How to Grow Our Channel?

    We've had a channel since September 2016. We've been having a lot of fun making videos! But, most of our subscribers are our friends and family. I guess we've been on Youtube for a while, and we were wondering what we should work on, and how to get our channel discovered. We already have all the...
  2. R

    Critique My Channel Please? I'm Stuck

    I was in between about posting this because some people could say that I am just sharing the link to my channel which is not exactly true. I want critiqued, be as harsh or as friendly as possible. Are my newest thumbnails appealing? (My...
  3. ImSoLugo

    A lil Constructive Criticism

    Who would like some constructive Criticism? Ive been on you tube for about a month and it is something I rarely ever get. I'm not sure if its something all you tubers have experienced, but i feel as though it hinders my ability top grow. I don't want to promote my channel here but i'm curious...