1. Laitz

    LOL\est Sieges - triple x fun

  2. TeraVex

    New Techno-House Track!

    Hey guys! I'm back with a new track! This one is also from my upcoming album! If you enjoy it, don't be afraid to check out my other stuff! If you REALLY like it, I'd love for you to use it in your videos if you want! Just shoot me a message if you to!
  3. Ninselic

    Gaming Hardcore survivalish games, fresh collaboration channel

    I am planning to create a collaboration channel of games with hardcore gameplay (aka, the games that allow for runs with only one life and your out). The games I'm currently thinking of are: "Terraria, Minecraft, Diablo III, Baldur's gate" and similar games. I'm a fairly new channel myself so...
  4. Ninselic

    Gaming Baldur's gate EE, Iron man/Hardcore collab!

    Hi! I like to try an Iron man Baldur's gate run with others! Iron man means that there will be no reloading the game from saves (expect for continuing after a break), so that means that if a character dies, they are gone for ever, hardcore style. If you never played BGEE before, that's no...
  5. Carnomond

    Gaming Minecraft PC Hardcore Co-op series

    Hey! Kirbalt here and I am looking for someone awesome to make a hardcore co-op series or someone who wants to just record in general... I recently posted a straw poll on my channel and it is pretty clear that my viewers are interested in a series like this. I just recently hit 200 subs and am...
  6. FantasticFreakingGaming

    RAGING HARD ON HARDCORE!|Black Ops 3 Multiplayer!

    Hey there guys and gals! Today I bring you a new video on the new Black Ops 3 Multiplayer. I must admit it has won my vote as one of the top 3 best multiplayer experiences on anyone of the Call Of Duties. If you enjoy the video be sure to show some love! Stay awesome people.
  7. FantasticFreakingGaming

    Sheering the booty! Hardcore Minecraft survival series episode 2!

    hey there guys and gals! Today I bring you episode 2 of my Hardcore Survival series! Today's we go exploring the local area and seeing what wildlife we discover. We also find our first bit of iron and I put it to excellent use! If you enjoy the video be sure to tap dat LIKE button like you tap...
  8. FantasticFreakingGaming


    Hey there guys and gals! today I uploaded my first video on my channel! it's my first episode of my hardcore minecraft survival series. I know the first episodes are always boring but I try to jazz it up a bit with some good commentary. here it is! if you enjoyed remember to LIKE , COMMENT...