1. Laitz


  2. official118

    I'm an aspiring music producer and would love feedback!

    I'm an aspiring music producer that tailors to hip hop and trap. It would be cool to get feedback on my progress! Let me know if you got any music you need me to review as well!
  3. GeoMFilms

    300 Goal achieved

    I've been uploading on youtube since Sept 2006, but i haven't really been trying to be somewhat consistent since a year ago. I was around 250 sub a year ago and i have been trying to gain 100....its taken me a year! haha i know that sucks but i got there. The funny thing is my old videos would...
  4. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    THE HARDEST THING EVER! Well sort of

    It's hard for me to do this okay! Haha hope you enjoy the vid guys! (:
  5. Necromancer Foxx

    Gaming Minecraft UHC

    Hello, I'm looking to arrange a UHC with some fellow small size minecraft youtubers. I will most likely be hosting this myself on a server and i'm looking for a minimum of 8 people (Including myself) for it to go ahead. There are some basic requirements: You must be older than 15 years old. You...
  6. MBGaming

    Suggestions : Hard drives for recording ?

    Hey guys ! I am thinking to buy a dedicated hard drive for recording - the main reason would be for the extra disk space. But after, I've read that a lot of people suggest is better to have a hard drive that is only for recording videos. I still didn't understand which would be better: a 3.0...
  7. Jawad Soomro

    Do you delete your videos from HARD DRIVE after uploading?

    I have produced so many videos that my hard drive space is decreasing. I am keeping the backup of my videos, but lately I have been thinking to delete my videos from HARD DRIVE to save space. How about you guys? Would you delete the backup videos from your Hard Drive after you upload on YouTube...