1. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Building Your Chest & Tris. Shoulder Impingement.

    Yo! How to build your chest and triceps! This video also covers shoulder impingement workaround methods and of course some extra goofiness is included (; Hope you guys like it! Any support/feedback/critique is greatly appreciated! (: Chur guys, Kieran Hedley
  2. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Shoulder Problems & How to pose

    Yo guys! I've recently begun YouTube and would love any support/feedback/critique any of you may have (: My most recent video is on my shoulder problems, and how you can work around them. I then dive into posing practice for Men's Physique. Here's the link if you're interested! Chur guys! Kieran
  3. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Training Injured

    Yes it's possible, check out my latest video You can train sore or with a minor injury, but not a major one, so stay dedicated, but stay safe (:
  4. Eastern Bar Athletics

    How is our Branding?

    Im curious as to what you all think of our branding. As a graphic design major I feel as though I have created a unique enough logo but of course I have my own bias. What do you guys think of how it functions on the channel page? Im planning on changing the banner photo in the coming weeks as I...
  5. Danny.K

    Fitness vid on building mass for the skinny guy

    If you guys would like to see a video how I put on weight and toned it out from a stick figure lol let me know :) I'm an Ectomorph, meaning my body is naturally thin and burns through calories like crazy!!! So if you wanna gain weight, the healthy way. Let me know ;)