gta v collaboration

  1. RoninYen

    Gaming PS4 GTA COLLAB and Crew Tryouts For Skilled Shooters

    Yen's the name :) I run a music production channel and while doing that, I'm looking for GTA youtubers that bring entertainment to the table to make banging actual laugh out loud content. My channel has 300+ subs mainly from my music. The gaming side hasn't looked so hot when it comes to the...
  2. PrimeSyndicate

    Short Film GTA Short Film

    Hello, For the past couple of years, I conceptualized a ton of different ideas for short films (machinimas). One of which being a slasher film on GTA V. However, I need to gather a team. I am looking for different people with different abilities who are willing to help out with this project...
  3. Giulio Garrett

    Gaming GTA V Collab

    Hey everyone, I am willing to collaborate with new, small, but up and coming YouTubers on GTA V on the Xbox One. I have 325 subscribers and get on average 20 Likes per video! It'd be cool to have you guys on board my YouTube Journey, just reply down below or message me on here :)...