growing your channel

  1. Marcello Riviera

    Growing your channel using analytics?

    There are countless threads on here which suggest that the best way to grow your channel is through online marketing technique such as Search Engine Optimisation using Keyword tagging e.c.t. but hardly anyone ever looks at the importance of doing your RESEARCH! I feel like the best way to...
  2. Bgirl Sonia

    Reddit or the 4th dimension ?

    Hello ! I was recommended this website Reddit and on internet, it says that it is necessary to have an account to grow your YT Channel but What The Flakes ? I am lost between tons of posts coming from nowhere. I click on a link and I am lost forever in another galaxy of links and posts...
  3. Kyle Laughlin

    Scheduled vs Public

    So this is something I've searched for quite a while now. Maybe someone with more uploads/experience has the answer from their own stats... do scheduled uploads not do as well (not get pushed correctly) vs regular public uploads that post as soon as finished processing??? Obviously for big...
  4. Xaegoba

    Gaming Official Ps4 collab Setup

    What's good? I'm Xaegoba (Xae for short) and I'm a very small YT'r and I've just started uploading last week. I have 4 quality videos out right now and upload 3 times a week (every week). I play almost any game. It is important that you go to my channel to understand the stuff I post before you...
  5. Sunsbookishgamesx

    hey guys tell me about your filming routines

    I film on Wednesdays i take a whole day out to set up and film all day, ill get about 3 - 4 videos don't and edit!
  6. AntonioErnesto

    Slowly Growing Your Channel

    So my channel isn't huge by any means, BUT in the last 2 months I've gone from 30 subscribers to over 100. I was able to achieve this by connecting with other youtubers and seeking collaborations. My biggest tip would to not be a spammer commenting "Hey, come check me out." Comment on related...
  7. ImSoLugo


    I'm Just curious as to how to utilize playlists properly. I wasn't able to find a thread about it. If any of you guys have an idea. It would be so helpful for me and other you tubers to understand how to utilize that tool better. Me personally, I have used it in the past to group a certain...
  8. Seebeard

    Other Game Show Guests Collaboration

    Hey YT creators and fans, My name is David and I'm a host and co-creator for the channel "Hub 32". We're a variety channel focusing recently on our video podcast "The Prime Show", Video Game Challenges and our collaboration debate game show we call "Debate the Hate". We've done 3 episodes of...