google adwords

  1. S

    Google adword help!

    Hey everyone, has anyone here used google adword for promoting their channel? I am confused. does it really help? Is it worthy to spend money on google adword?
  2. C

    Is it worth to promote with Google Adwords?

    Hey there! I have a small monetized gaming channel, and was wondering if it would be worth it to promote my trailer with Adwords. (Google Ads nowadays) I did this long time ago and it worked well actually. I was able to rise from 200 subscribers to 4000 in two weeks. I was able to convert 5$...
  3. O

    Is promoting your videos with Google Adwords worth it?

    Hi I recently started a new channel & I have used every single strategy I know of to drive traffic to my channel but I only get about 100-200 views per video sometimes less than that + I get 1 sub for about every 240 views. I have seen other YouTubers promoting their channels with AdWords who...
  4. PopsLetsPlay

    Google AdWords

    I was looking into Google AdWords last night..basically you create an ad for your channel and it will show up in locations you specify..whether it be google search, youtube. etc. If youtube, it will post your video to the very top of the youtube search My ad would have been Layers of Fear, so...