1. HeroRareheart

    Need help with GIMP for thumbnail creation.

    I need a little help with GIMP for making thumbnails, and this seems like the most appropriate thread to ask about it. I have a very simple problem, I'm using images from The Binding of Isaac that are intentionally at a low resolution and whenever I scale them up GIMP tries to smooth it out and...
  2. MrYorkiesWorld

    Free Photoshop Alternatives | Best Free Photo Editing Software 2017

    Hey guys!, In this short video, I will show you some great FREE alternatives to Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is a fantastic photo editing tool, but the software costs quite a bit of money. It's handy to be able to use other, FREE ways to edit your photos without any hassle. Enjoy!
  3. Rolz

    A program other than PS

    Whatsup guys! So I found a cool alternative to Adobe' Photoshop for those of you that are looking for an easier program to use/whatever your reason. It's also free to download! It's called Gimp! It's quite user friendly whilst still having quite an extensive range of tools/effects. In my latest...
  4. Rolz

    Make a logo without PS!

    Whatsup guys, so I actually don't use all adobe products for my YouTube editing and I thought I would share a little bit about this free program that you can use to make your thumbnails/logos etc. It's called Gimp and its free to download, its quite user friendly whilst still being quite...
  5. WeegieMovies

    Using GIMP to Mask with Soft Edges

    Hi all, Looking for a bit of basic GIMP advice (yeah I know I should be using photoshop by now, but whatever). In my thumbnails, I like to cut out an image or two, usually of myself, to stand out against a simple colour gradiant. See my image included as an example. However, to me the free -...