1. P

    product promotion and gift product content exchange

    Hello, It's been a long time since I joined a forum. You have a nice platform. It's nice to see youtubers supporting each other. We are looking for a youtuber who will promote our product in his/her video (safe amazon products - ready to buy). In return, we will gift this product for free and...
  2. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Christmas Gift Ideas For YouTubers - Holiday Gift Guide 2018

    Christmas Gift Ideas For YouTubers - Holiday Gift Guide 2018 // Looking for present ideas for YouTubers? This YouTuber Gifts guide should help you find something special for the video maker in your life. Main Christmas gifts and even birthday gift ideas for youtube video makers. Christmas is...
  3. U

    Radix One Slim Review /xmas gift idea maybe!

    Watch as I demonstrate the features of this ultralight minimalist wallet. Easily thumb cards forward intuitively to eject and sort through when needed. Holds 4 to 10 cards, and cash bills in the silicone band money clip
  4. Inspired Content

    Thanksgiving/black friday

    I could use your help this thanksgiving, and the coming holidays too... a few years back on thanksgiving I made cheesecake filled donut holes and pumpkin spice crispy treats I took to a family dinner. After dinner was over I packed up the abundant extras I had made and left early enough to stop...
  5. Theresa Khalil

    Other Do you have a box / kit for me to open?

    Hello, I have just launched my new YouTube channel "Gift UNboxing" for kits and gifts UNboxing. I produce high quality videos, if you would like me to produce a video about your kit/ gift / product, Please let me know. It is totally free. BR Theresa Khalil
  6. SimplyTrulyA

    Beauty/Makeup Anyone want to do a YouTube collab?

    Hi! My name is Alexis from SimplyTrulyA and I am 13 years old. I am looking for a fellow small YouTuber who wants to do a collab. I am open to any video ideas, such as something Christmas themed just in time for the holidays! If you want to do a collab, then let me know and I will send you my...
  7. terror569

    I made her cry :(

    Well you can see by yourself
  8. thumbhais

    Saving Money On Valentines Day

    Here's a short little guide on how to save your money on Valentines Day. Disclaimer: Some of these ideas are good, but if you follow through and you're single after Valentines Day, sorry. I'd also love for you guys to share some other creative ways that you'd save money as well! Please leave...