get active viewers

  1. KerrysWorld

    Made a ‘how to get YouTube fame’ video.. before I’m famous

    So this is an unusual one. I haven’t reached YouTube ‘fame’ in the traditional sense. I don’t have millions of views. But I have pretty good watch time and the comments I’ve been getting have been piling in in the hundreds on every video I’ve made. So I wanted to share my tricks on how I’ve...
  2. Y

    I can't get any views, comments, or subscribers.

    I made my account about a week and a half ago and have posted 4 videos. But I haven't got views, likes, comments or subscribers. I haven't even got dislikes. I don't know how to get noticed, I know I can't expect a lot of activity on my channel. But I have got none. What am I doing wrong or what...
  3. FestusFX

    Best social media to promote your content

    Well, I made epic video's with good quality etc... But my problem was that the video's didn't have many views... I did used some social media to promote the video's but it wasn't effective. But now, some months later, I found a really cool way to promote your content. I made a facebook profile...