1. The Tightwad Homesteader

    Voice Acting Scottish (or British) German Female Assents

    My dogs a Collie and 2 German Shepherds will be in a lot of my vids and those little comment bubbles are boring, it would be nice to have some voice overs in some videos once in a while.
  2. P

    Vlog Vlogger from Germany near Bremen

    Auf meinem Channel geht es grundlegend um Vlog und Lifestyle. So nehme ich Euch regelmäßig mit Vlogs durch meinen Alltag mit. Dabei erfahrt Ihr immer die ungeschönte Wahrheit. Außerdem erkunde ich gemeinsam mit meiner Freundin immer wieder neue Städte, die ich auch gerne Euch zeigen und...
  3. nsusa

    Channel in German, but country USA

    So, a question about how best to position my channel. At the bottom it shows the language (=English / I live and work in the US). Content location shows Germany (my videos are recorded in German language, not recorded in Germany). My goal is to target German speaking people in Germany and maybe...
  4. Maxim Malakjan

    Gaming German Gaming

    Looking for some people to play with. German-speaking people preffered. Minecraft Overwatch Doom Titanfall2 PlayerGround Unknown
  5. MinderestingPictures

    Meet Up/Gathering German YouTuber travels the US - Looking for Collabs or MeetUps

    Hey guys, my name is Marvin, I am 23 years old, a student from Germany and well obviously also active on YouTube. This sunday I will actually travel to the US (starting in Boston) for 6 weeks. I will go to NYC, Washington, Charleston, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin ... and many many...
  6. JiROo°

    Gaming [PC,NextGen,LastGen,Retro] [ENG/GER] Looking for youtube & livestream members for regular content

    Hi, im JiROo° from vienna. 22 years old and im currently looking for friendy, relaxed but active members that are not shy but not to hyperactive. A few years ago friends, my ex and me wanted to make a interactive gaming/movie/music community with youtube and twitch activity with events and...
  7. AlexYoutube

    Looking for a mid-range SteadyCam

    Hi guys, i just bought a cheap steady cam and I´m already feeling grown out of the capabilities. I´ll keep that thing of course because it´s very lightweight and does its job pretty well. Can you recommend a good steady cam in a price range in between 200-500€?? Would be great to hear from...
  8. A lot Betta

    Comedy In Hamburg for a week, ready for some pranks

    Hey guys, I will be in Hamburg from the 25th until the 30th of October. I am native German but live in Spain. I have some cool prank ideas, would just need someone to record me, all content would belong to you, don't have my own channel yet. Post a reply if you are interested. Thanks!