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  1. Nate MeatySauce

    Gaming Looking for some fun gaming youtubers to collab with

    Hey guys so lately iv'e been wanting to meet knew people and collab on some videos. So i'm posting this to see if i can get a fun crew going on. The only things i ask as requirements is.. -Be Mature -Be funny -have a youtube channel -play on PC -And make sure your channel link works so i can...
  2. Aspo

    Gaming Calling to all committed YouTubers!

    Elloooo. My names Baxtor (even if it says Aspo.... YTTalk, help me out plz). I'm nearly 17 and upload to YouTube nearly every day, I also stream. Anyway, today I'm here to post if there's any YouTubers that consistently upload, are committed, and have a solid understanding of how YouTube...
  3. Shehzad

    Being A Genuine YouTuber - Rant Video

    What's up guys bringing you a commentary today where I talk about just trying to be a a genuine person as a content creator on YT and putting to light other fresh Youtubers who have the sole intention of growing their channel but hiding it behind engagements and comments etc on other people...