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  1. Jammy951

    Gaming Looking for people to Collab with on pc for streams or videos

    Hey, I have got a discord group which is just a general gaming community but has a few streamers and youtubers but looking to increase that number. In the community we currently have two 7 days to die servers one for casual play and another that I am currently looking for members to join me with...
  2. JayPlaysOfficial

    Golf With Friends | DID YOU JUST BEAT ME!? | w/ Jack

    Hello guys, my name is JayPlaysOfficial and welcome back to another collab video :D, today we are playing Golf With Friends!
  3. RenOperative

    Gaming Seeking new, refreshing EU/UK gamers to join our new subdivision "TCP Europe"

    I've recently opened up a new Discord community for UK/EU gamers to join up with us for gaming opportunities and to be sociable with others. We're having a lot of fun so far with playing games and talking about potential gaming podcast ideas for our EU division but we're small and still scouting...
  4. BIGtheRED

    CONFIDENCE CREW! - A Channel for Gaming and Shenanigans

    (CAUTION: Explicit language in some videos.) _______________________ WHO WE ARE: Confidence Crew is a collaboration of five guys who love gaming, and acting like idiots! BIGtheRED Ebah SunchipSwag Nina ImBest ______________________ WHAT WE DO: We do a combination of game play footage, funny...