gaming channel help

  1. F

    Should I change my name or start a new channel?

    My channel has a little over 60,000 subscribers, but because me and my friends joke around a lot, they have leaked my identity at school, so teachers, staff, and random kids I don’t even know, know who I am. At home, my dad, mom, both sisters, uncle, and all of their friends also know who I am...
  2. Salim_EMM

    (PC) Running a YouTube Gaming channel on a BUDGET! #brokeboiz

    Over a period of time, I've noticed that a lot of gaming YouTube channels are run by kids or individuals with no real source of income to support their efforts. Sure, that kid may have some great financial support from his/her parents but what if you don't have that kind of luxury? What if...
  3. Ellsballs

    How do you structure your gaming videos?

    Hey guys! I was just wondering how other gaming youtubers structure/record their videos. I usually record for around 20 mins for a 15 min video but not sure if I should be recording longer or perhaps not as long. In terms of intros/outros for a series I feel they can interrupt my flow as I'll...
  4. G-Legend

    Any Gaming YTers who may be able to help me on this decision?

    What's up guys! I have a gaming YouTube channel and I've been wondering how to reach out to a more particular target audience. The thing is I don't really want to stick with just one game, like COD or Battlefield. I've seen big youtubers who stick to one main franchise but I wouldn't really like...