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  1. S

    Starting a new channel! (My First Video)

    Hey guys and welcome to my new channel! I'm looking to do mostly funny moments videos on my channel so if you're into that type of stuff feel free to check me out and leave some feedback. I'm also still trying to develop my editing style so if the editing seems kinda random I apologize. Anyway...
  2. Crazy Pickle

    Hello, I am Crazy Pickle

    Hello everyone, I am Crazy Pickle. I started a Youtube Gaming channel and my first game is Skyforge. But of course, in the future, I am planning to create content for other games. Thank you Sincerely Crazy Pickle
  3. ZaGreenScene

    Gaming >New Gaming Collab

    Hey guys! Im a brand new YT Channel who runs a gaming series every Tuesday! Looking for people to join up with me for a fun time playing games! We play Dorky and fun games that get people laughing and interested. If youd like an idea on the types of games I play then feel free to visit my...
  4. It's The Kid_YT

    Gaming YT_It's The Kid Collaboration Proposal

    Hello I'm Antonio, but on Youtube, I'm referred to as "It's The Kid" I'm an Upcoming Youtube(currently at 36 subs at the time of posting this) My main focus is on LPS(coming really soon, hopefully I'll start a series of LPS for the Kingdom Hearts Series) as well as Call of Duty, Fortnite(Maybe)...
  5. Dibge

    Other Looking for people to join in a gaming related podcast.

    Hey, I am looking for anyone who is interested and willing to join in a gaming centered podcast that a couple of friends and I have going. For anyone who is interested add me on discord. SplatHole#8510
  6. SimulationPlays

    CSGO - Funny Moments In Solo Que With Randoms

  7. CJA

    Milestone Hit : 3months 1000 Subscribers : 125 Vids : 8500 Views

    Thank you so much :-)
  8. VigilantRager

    New Banner

    Okay so I made a new banner( i am not a graphic designer so keep that in mind) what are the good and bad things about it, it still needs work with like the links but it was better than my old one for now. I see all these banners with crazy amounts of stuff on them and i just want to keep it...
  9. deadman

    Gaming need someone to collab with

    hi im the dead man and i like for anybody that are over 16 come collab with me on the pc and maybe become friends if your down come chat with me!!!!
  10. LaZzy Ghost

    Gaming looking for people to collaborate on PS4

    I am lookin. for friends to collabe with. i mostly do fps (first person shooter) games. i am new to youtube. i think i make pretty good content. Make sure to checkout my channel to see my videos.
  11. Edward Okechukwu

    Gaming Looking for pc gamers to form a crew with

    I'm not really strict on when you should be available to record but often will be nice. age requirement 15+ - Gmod - Rocket League - Friday the 13th - Titanfall 2 If you have any of those games and wanna join the crew, then hit me up on discord 3LX#9937
  12. AMX Gaming

    Challenge Accepted | Bendy And The Ink Machine Gameplay

    ok so it wasn't exactly a challenge but i took it as a challenge to play this bendy and the ink machine very interesting game with a 1930s like style cartoon. the idea in this indie horror game is to search for items to start the ink machine once again, we soon realize that there's a deep...
  13. AMX Gaming

    Best Of Outlast Compilation: Scary, Funny, Fails, Jumpscares, Best Moments

    This is what i believe some of the best of outlast compilation including scary, funny, fails, jumpscares, and best moments. Some of my very first gameplays are in this video it was kinda fun to re visit how i began my first videos and to see the improvements made along the way Thank You For...

    Gaming Looking to collaborate on PC [funny gaming]

    Looking for funny moments type collaborations but open to anything. I have 600 something subs and im just looking to make hilarious content. MUST BE 18+ and ok with crude humor. just reply below or comment on one of my videos. LETS GO VIRAL!!! GMOD CARDS AGAINS HUMANITY PALADINS OVERWATCH...
  15. jakzkinn

    Gaming small channel looking for a collaborative group of people.

    As the channel states I'm looking for people to collaborate with so we can all have our channels grow. I'm 19 years of age and I play on PC and PS4. I usually play games such as call of Duty, rainbow 6 siege, and horror games. If you're interested let me know and I'll get back to you! cheers!
  16. Y

    Do I need a license or network to start a gaming channel?

    Do I need a license or network to start a gaming channel?
  17. AMX Gaming

    Wait This Isn't Outlast... | DeadTruth The Dark Path Ahead Gameplay

    Indeed This Isn't Outlast but rather the game is called DeadTruth The Dark Path Ahead, a game with great puzzles an descent story but it does resemble Outlast and even Resident Evil a bit. once you figure out how to leave the house, which is a big problem, you must find out what happned to the...
  18. chrispcgaming


  19. robotgamerplays

    Gaming looking for weekly funny montage collab

    hope you get interested im actually a fan of vanoss and i like his video style so i am interested on making that the collab funny gaming ... also cause i like to play games
  20. T

    Gaming Looking to play Gmod with someone

    Requirements: Must be 15 or older. Content must be good and entertaining. idc about sub count. (anything's better than none, right?) Must upload to your channel also (preferably frequently). Must live in North America or be flexible with time. I would like multiple people to all come and play...