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  1. C

    I'd love to hear some advice for my new yt channel

    Hi there! I've recently decided to start making yt gaming videos. I've always loved playing games and thought that it would be awesome to be able to share that experience with others. It is also really satisfying for me to learn and improve on audio and video editing. I'd really love to hear...
  2. WarriorDan

    Into The Dead 2 [Game Review]

    I review the narrative-driven run-and-gun first-person-shooter mobile game "Into The Dead 2", in this newest episode of "What Is The Point Of", my longstanding game review series, which mainly focuses on reviewing PC games, but has recently been expanded in order to cover some occasional console...
  3. SuperOGKermit

    Gaming New Gaming Channel looking for people to record PC or Xbox with!

    Hello everyone my name is SuperOGKermit and i am looking for a good group of people that like to play games as much as i do and would like to do some videos together i am willing to play any type of game the games i play the most are Fortnite , Black ops 4 and GTA 5 i got a decent PC i can play...
  4. Dylan4564


    Hey everyone, my name is Dylan and im looking for people to join my gaming group, i currently have a couple of people in the group so far and im obviously looking to expand (hints this post). Here are some requirements. -Good PC -Funny moments videos -Uk/Europe/Eastern American timezones...
  5. LeroySays

    Gaming [PC] Looking for Minecraft Youtubers/Helpers to collab with

    Hello there I've started a Minecraft Survival Series I'm at Episode 2 now and my GOAL Is to go all the way to 300+ episode if you want to collab or just want to help out making content and be in the video etc let me know there is currently only 4 spots left since I've got a private server with...
  6. Heizenblog

    Love Feedback on my Gaming Channel Please

    Hi there, I haven't been running my channel for long but would really like to know what people think of the following aspects. 1 - Banner design (too much, not enough etc) 2 - Thumbnail designs 3 - SEO - this is always a biggie 4 - Video content. My channel focuses on Indie Games and Lets...