free editing software

  1. Justinlp

    Good Beginner Editing Software

    So, I have a few video out and have been more consistent this year, so now I want to focus on improving the quality of my videos. Since my videos are already 1080p quality and the Mic is okayish, I think my next step is learning to become a little better at editing. Any suggestions? I Have a...
  2. ItsMeRich

    What is the best free editing system to use

    I have found out that starting out on YouTube is very because making videos with out a good editing system can be very hard. So I wanted to know what decent editing systems (that are free) I could use.
  3. Lizzeelive

    Is Hitfilm 4 express good for gaming?

    I have been using Lightworks, but it has been being glitchy lately. I want to get a new software, but don't want to put alot of money into it.I make gaming videos and I really want to get better at editing, I really only have the basics down. Do you think Hitfilm 4 Express is good for me?
  4. MaJRahmanYT

    Do You Want To Create Thumbnails That Look Appealing?!?

    Hello , im a youtuber and i entertain and create tutorials to help my audience! You want to create awesome thumbnails so listen up. firstly you need professional programs for editing thumbnails for example photoshop cs6, this is an well known program for editing and do you want this program...