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  1. ChikosoTALK

    Gaming My newest video

    Please check it out, it's a meme about speed running videos that's why it's not at good quality (no excuse)
  2. H

    Gaming No commentary gaming collab

    Hi guys, I recently started a youtube channel where I post mainly fps games without commentary, in 1440p and 60 fps. I would like to collab with other channels that do the same and try to grow a nice community together!
  3. TheToastGamer

    Gaming CLOSED Looking for some cool PC gamers for a group!

    Hey guys, My name is Lexi, i'm 19 & I'm from the UK. I have a Youtube channel, called TheToastGamer (you can click the link below) I do a mix of game reviews, featuring friends (which is collabs), let's plays, and funny moments. I just really want to find a solid group of friends that i can...
  4. N

    Support What?

  5. jakzkinn

    Gaming small channel looking for a collaborative group of people.

    As the channel states I'm looking for people to collaborate with so we can all have our channels grow. I'm 19 years of age and I play on PC and PS4. I usually play games such as call of Duty, rainbow 6 siege, and horror games. If you're interested let me know and I'll get back to you! cheers!
  6. G-Legend

    Gaming If you're a Battlefield (Or First Person Shooter) YouTuber, I Can Probably Serve You!

    So the content I make on YouTube is predominantly Battlefield tips to make others the best players they can be. I do go into other FPS games Like Titanfall 2 as well once in a while. If you have a similar channel, I might be able to serve you. Battlefield news, tips and strategies is the...