1. PMighty

    Gaming Streamer looking for friends!! :)

    Howdy, I'm Pat. I enjoy Call of Duty, Maryjane, Cars & Alcohol. I'm a hoot. Trust me you'll have a GREAT time. I'm looking for streamers to collab with and help each other expand. I play warzone, cold war, and soon Forza Horizon 5 content will be ready to start rolling out!!! Stop past my...
  2. Elijah Gray

    Gaming Looking For XBOX ONE GAMERS

    Looking For other youtubers Who are funny and chill that play battlefield 4 COD Blackops 3 Dbz Xenoverse 2 FOrza horizon 3 and Ghost Recon looking for Friends to Grow with on youtube and become Successful
  3. Itz chris gaming

    100 subs!! Now whats the goal

    So I just hit 100 subs today. Its funny because 5 days ago i had 84 and the last 5 days before that i was gaining 1 every 3 days. But over the last 5 days i have gained 3-4 subs a day. So whats the next goal: 200 subs, 150. Plz help me decide
  4. Z

    Gaming Xbox One Collabs!!

    Looking for easy going gamers on Xbox that don't take themselves too seriously to play games with!! So as to not offend people that maybe don't like my rather regular swearing and stuff, I will probably say that 17+ is a restriction, but other than that, and working around time zones (at the...
  5. Z

    Gaming Forza Horizon 3 Challenge video

    hey i am looking for 3 to 5 people to make a few challenge videos in forza i dont have alot of subs so i dont expect the people in the video to have a lot of subs ether i just want to find some people who want to have fun and to come up with some cool ideas i also play other games like csgo and...
  6. R

    Gaming Xbox One Collab!!!!!!

    I'm a fairly new YouTuber looking for a group of other youtubers to collab with. Some games I play right now are Overwatch, Forza Horizon 3, Titan Fall 2 (When it comes out). I'm up to play most games as long as we can have fun playing them. Preferably looking for people who are at least 18+ and...
  7. Import District

    Fans of car culture and racing games, what do you think?

    To provide some context, I'm trying to create a channel for the community I'm building. Naturally then, you can imagine how "friendly" I'm trying to make the channel. I'm going for a minimalistic look, trying to avoid crazy things like sticker-bombing and loud EDM music...
  8. Matthew Tait


    Hows it going guys TAITY here, I am a Forza content creator which trolls idiots on lobbies (Not bully) and every sunday I participate in a racing series on Forza Motorsport 6. Using my Logitech G920 racing wheel. My channel currently has been growing great for the past two weeks, last week I...
  9. FirestormLive

    Gaming Youtube Collaboration (Xbox One)

    I am looking for a YouTube Collaboration/ someone to record with. Here are the requirements: 1. 13-16 y/o 2. Very little background noise 3. Good mic 4. Skype (Optional) 5. GTA, Battlefield, or Forza 6. Xbox One 7. A youtube channel 25+ subs Message me on twitter or xbox if you are...