1. hywelevans22

    Looking for some constructive feedback!

    Hey all! Ive recently uploaded my secondYT video andI honestly think it is much better than the first already! This is because i asked for feedback and listened to it all to improve! My channel is based on fitness and being a student! If i can keep heading in this direction i will be super...
  2. Riaz Sidi

    Request How to Get YouTube Banner to Fit?

    Hello, I created a logo in photoshop and it doesn't fit into the channel art banner specs online. I know there are multiple specs based on the device but any idea how to get it to fit? Thanks, Riaz
  3. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Do You Have Good Posture? Do This To Fix It!

    Chur Guys! :D
  4. Danny.K

    Fitness vid on building mass for the skinny guy

    If you guys would like to see a video how I put on weight and toned it out from a stick figure lol let me know :) I'm an Ectomorph, meaning my body is naturally thin and burns through calories like crazy!!! So if you wanna gain weight, the healthy way. Let me know ;)