film ideas

  1. Sammie

    Short Film Anyone Wanna collab

    I am looking for someone who is interested in Film making to collab with me on writing to script and the story board for the film. If we work well together I'm hoping we can become a team and continue to do short films together. The person doesn't need to live in my Area to help I can film the...
  2. alwinred

    My First Short Film C&C please!

    Hello, everyone, this is my first short film, i am a hobbyist visual creator and i just want to listen to your comments and critiques to improve my skills. Title: Coming up with Film Ideas Description: The protagonist struggles to find new ideas for his short movie project, as he runs out of...
  3. Jeeves

    What Camera Should You Get? | A 1 Minute Film

    this is an unwanted thread. Please delete :)