fifa 17

  1. Crum

    Gaming FIFA 17 and Overwatch (Xbox One)

    How is it going ladies and gentleants! Currently looking for a collab on either FIFA or Overwatch for Xbox One. Need a decent mic Not bothered about channel size, just if content is good quality! Comment on my channel or get in touch on Twitter if interested! Cheers lads :D Twitter: @crumhd
  2. AlwaysMissingWide

    Gaming Looking for someone to play FIFA with.

    Looking for someone to play FIFA 17 with for a squad-builder-showdown type video. Must be 16+ Have a good mic Have a webcam Tweet me or add me on discord to talk: @alwaysmissnwide or alwaysmissingwide#8414
  3. AM19Games

    Gaming Looking for friends to grow our channels and collaborate

    Hi everyone, I am new to YouTube / Gaming Channel and looking for people who might be interested in getting together and playing some awesome games while also recording them for YouTube. There are a few requirements that I'd prefer are met, but if they cannot all be met, that is perfectly...
  4. J

    Gaming Does Anyone Want to do a Fifa 17 Online Seasons Collab? XB1

    Hey guys im 13 and im looking for someone to do a fifa 17 online seasons with me i have 35 subs and i'm looking to increase my channel and improve my videos We would record Seasons and different fifa 17 content Anyways - if you would like to join just comment below with your age and if you...
  5. GeoYT

    Gaming Anyone want to play me on FIFA 17 For a video

    if you want to play me on fifa 17 then let me know by either commenting on the thread or send me a message on youtube P.S im on XBox 1
  6. H

    Gaming Looking for FIFA 17 YouTubers and maybe create a fifa group like the sidemen

    Hey, My name is Hassan, I'm 16 years old and I play FIFA 17 on ps4. I'm trying to get some fifa youtubers together and create a group similiar to the sidemen! If you own fifa 17 on ps4 and are interested in joining the group, please message me on twitter, @Hassyb1113 or comment on my latest...
  7. Jatzel

    Gaming FIFA 17 Collab Series

    I am looking for people to collab with me on FIFA 17 in a series that I want to start on my channel. The Series: Pack and play style series, in which you open 1 premium bronze pack and have too use all the players in the pack Then play me and the loser has do a forfeit Rules: Cursing is...
  8. CDOD

    Fifa 17 epic season forfeit!!!

    I took on the advice you guys gave me about having a better thumbnail. So here it is a few weeks later! Hope you enjoy it. Anything i could add or improve on please let me know either on the fourm or on my youtube comments. Please if you liked this video like it on youtube, It means a lot if...
  9. CDOD

    Miniminter sound effects

    Does anyone know what sound effect miniminter uses when he scores a goal on fifa17 and his screen shakes. Thanks CDOD
  10. Itter

    One Step Closer

    Hello everyone. I just hit 40 subs on my channel and support has been crazy and I'm one step closer on hitting my goal of 1k subs so I just want to thank everyone.
  11. SalmanHaider

    Services Channel banners , Profile pictures and Thumbnails!

    Hey people, I just want to say if you are looking for Channel banners , Profile pictures and Thumbnails to like i make some Nice quality banners , profile pics and thumbnails so if you want a banner or profile pic or even a thumbnail just contact me on my twitter @Itsspinny (btw its my old...
  12. xer0

    Gaming FIFA 17 Collab - anyone interested ? (PC)

    hey there, um really interested to make a FUT DRAFT Video with someone in the commuinity :) antone interested ???? twitter ::; @xenon_jr
  13. JamieKarakizi

    Is my gaming channel good enough? (Socceroo92)

    Hi all, I have recently started a FIFA YouTube gaming channel. This is very new territory for me but I've been wanting to do something like this for awhile so I got on with setting it up. I basically make advice videos and I do a series called "Struggle Street". I mix my serious "dry" humor...
  14. Firefox Fifa


    So I'm really new to youtube and was really looking to form a group of friends to chill out with and also record with. I'm 14 so make of that what you will but hopefully some of you get in touch anyway. Unfortunately I can't message people yet, but you can drop your skype name down below and and...
  15. Crum

    Gaming FIFA 17 COLLABS!

    How's it going! Looking for some people to make Fifa 17 videos with! Just chill and have a good time :D I'm on Xbox one so either reply or DM me on twitter if you're interested! Thanks :) Twitter: @crumhd
  16. Ascriva

    New Video Branding ideas

    Im planning on uploading a new video and im trying to figure out the best way to get the video to get out there for the world to see. i just want some ideas of free or paid branding methods. Any ideas are good ideas.
  17. C

    Gaming Clash Royale or Fifa Collab

    If anyone wants to collab on Clash Royale or Fifa, hit me up. Im a relatively new channel so don't expect an instant boost of subs. email:
  18. R

    Gaming Looking for FIFA players to do a Co-Op Seasons series with?!

    Relatively new to this YouTube scene, but looking for potential FIFA players to be involved in a Co-Op Seasons series!!! If interested my Skype is henri.lewis_, or you could email me at!! Thankyou famdingoes!!
  19. Tactical Tank

    Gaming Fifa 17 Collab (In the future)

    Hey guys, Would anyone be interested in possibly joining me in a series for Fifa 17 where we play each other (maybe best out of 3) with either club or ultimate teams and feature each others channel? Kinda like Tank vs (fill in the blank) and Vice Versa? I think that would be a cool series - if...
  20. CyberunHD

    The best new addition to happen to FIFA in years!!

    Hey Guys.. H ere's my new video on the best new addition to be added to FIFA in years! its "The Journey" and here is Episode 1 of Alex Hunters long journey to either Football stardom or Football Failure, hope you like the video and thanks for watching:)
  21. MightyMadrista


    We are looking for some people who would be interested in making fifa videos together and possibly make another channel playing some other xbox one games. Let us know if you are interested on twitter, youtube, or comment on this post.
  22. WizJager

    Gaming Fifa 17 ps4

    Hello, i am looking for all fifa player who play Fut mode on fifa. i am looking for some player who will do some pink slip with me. if you neeed anymore infor you can skpye me. Skype name is WizJager. Rules: Age:16+ Sub:50
  23. F

    Copyright Strike from EA!

    Hello everyone Yesterday I had uploaded a short camera footage of FIFA 17 gameplay and today EA manually detected it. As a result it was removed from YouTube and I recieved copyright strike! I know people are not allowed to upload any FIFA 17 footage before the game comes out but then it is...
  24. gamerscorewhores

    FIFA 17 Hands on Impressions

    Re-written with the Frostbite Engine and brand new campaign mode The Journey with Alex Hunter, FIFA17 is the biggest overhaul we have seen in years. From graphics to physics, passing intelligence to set pieces, FIFA is looking hotter than ever. Here is our hands on preview reaction.
  25. FudgyBiscuit

    FIFA 16 Portsmouth Career Mode S3E13 - SEASON OVERVIEW & SQUAD REPORT

    Welcome back to my FIFA 16 Portsmouth Road To Glory Career Mode! After a long and arduous successfull season in the Championship we take a look back over the season and run through the final tables in the other major leagues across Europe and we also take a look at the squad, discuss potential...
  26. FudgyBiscuit

    FIFA 16 Portsmouth Road to Glory Career Mode S3E12 - LEAGUE & FA CUP WINNERS? (SEASON 3 FINALE)

    Welcome back to my FIFA 16 Portsmouth Road To Glory Career Mode! In this episode we face the prospect of a league title and an FA cup double as we look to tie up proceedings in the Championship and not only seal promotion but also the league title and we face another trip to Wembley as we face...
  27. FudgyBiscuit

    FIFA 16 AC Milan Career Mode #31 - CHAMPIONS LEAGUE QF vs BAYERN

    Welcome back to my FIFA 16 AC Milan Career Mode! In this episode attention turns towards the champions league quater finals as we face a mouth watering tie against Bayern Munich. We also look to press on and keep our lead in the race for the Serie A.