1. RoyalCrownYT

    Can I Get Some Feedback on My Channel

    Wassup Guys Its Chris Aka Royal and Id Love Nothing More than Feedback for Ways to Improve My Channel. I Want to Be the Best I Possibly Can!
  2. And_Roo

    What can I do to grow my channel and improve my audience numbers??

    I have put a decent amount of time into making my channel look somewhat professional! I created my banner from scratch and try to make popping thumbnails to get people attention, yet I'm still not getting many views or responses on my few videos I have up. I know I've only been doing it for...
  3. Kecha.L

    I fell on a nail, story time :)

    I made a story time video and I was hoping to get some feedback! I will be giving back feedback on whatever you want as well :)
  4. UnaverageNorwegian

    Storytelling feedback

    Hi guys, as usual i posted a new vlog today, and im basically just wondering if you guys could check it out, and hopefully give me some feedback on my "storytelling" or that "thin red line" that should run through the whole story... Im fairly new to the vlog world, but for those of you who read...
  5. Jessica Cavalier

    Need someone to check my banner

    hello. I'm a new YouTuber and learning how to edit things. I made a banner if someone can give me feed back in it. Thanks so much for helping. Also looking for someone to make a banner for me. Will discuss details.
  6. SlayerXtR

    New Kind of Channel.. Reviewing other YouTubers and their Channels. Need Feedback!

    Hey guys, I need some feedback on my new channel. This channel is dedicated to doing funny reviews of other YouTubers and their channels, but also giving them feedback on their channel that could help them in the long run as well. I need the feedback to make this one of the coolest and most...
  7. Kacper

    Feedback Please!!

    Hey Guys, I've uploaded a bunch of videos on my channel since the last time I got feedback! i think the newer videos have gotten a lot better since the first few videos : ) It would be great if you could check them out and let me know what you think!,
  8. Ooh 2 Wee

    OOH 2 WEE Productions needs HELP !!

    Whats going on YTtalks. Im fairly new to this AWESOME community. I just started up my first real channel . I don't have too many videos at the moment, but I plan to have more in the future. I have just recently uploaded my first travel...
  9. Briana

    Opinions on my channel banner,channel name and profile picture

    I recently changed my channel banner i think it looks fine but I would love to know what you think about it along with my channel name and picture. Just click that button and let me know down below ! :tonguecute: