feedback channel layout

  1. Paranoia_Origins

    Overall Feedback and Review On My YT Channel & Videos

    Im not asking for much. I am just trying to figure out why I am struggling to get my videos placed in front of people. If someone could help me and give me tips on what I could be doing wrong. I am not sure if it is my channel art, my thumbnails, my video names, or what it is. I feel like I am...
  2. Paranoia O Rigins

    Requesting a review on my YouTube channel Please?!

    I would SERIOUSLY! like a review over my YouTube Channel's branding/banner/logo designs is good/bad, my channel's navigation/tags, rather the thumbnails I use is good/great or very bad, if my upload frequency is bad or good, if the lengths of my videos too short or too long, etc. Pretty much...
  3. Lauramillanmu

    Channel review - how can I improve my channel?

    Hi everyone! :wavespin: I'm Laura and I'm fairly new to both Youtube and YTTalk. I've recently started a makeup channel and I'm uploading two videos a week, which I believe is a good number. I wanted to ask you guys whether you could give me any tips and feedback on the channel in general, so...
  4. WiseCore

    Just made the channel, any tips or feedback ?

    Hey, I just made my channel and I was wondering if I did a good job. I would really appreciate some feedback on : Channel layout, thumbnails, video quality Thanks for helping me as a starter.