1. Valerio Mangano

    Need some feedback on my video!

    Hello everybody! I uploaded this video on youtube and I've been working on it pretty hard, and I received a lot of feedbaack on the video before and tried to fix everything I could! I record with a phone because I have no money for now but I try to do my best. What I want to know is - Editing...
  2. Rallex

    Two years and only 535 Subs! Is Something Wrong?

    Hey guys, My name is Rallex. I've been working super hard on my channel, making Vlogs and what I think is entertaining gaming videos but I'm not getting much views and Subs have stopped coming in. Am I doing something wrong? What can I do or what do I change? I feel like there is just something...
  3. 10ACITY

    The sub feed has changed position: does it matter?

    The sub feed has been moved to the task bar on the side and, to be honest, nobody clicks on it anymore. I only know one guy who does. Instead YouTube gives us the recommended feed. Do you prefer the recommended being the dominant factor in determining what videos are in the watch page, or do you...
  4. SheepDreams

    What can I do to improve?!?! TELL ME! :D

    Hello lovely creators & people of all ages! I'm sheepy & I been doing youtube for a while and even though I had success in some parts I die every so often. I don't think I disappoint as I always look for somewhat original content. So I would like you to review my art. Ex: Are my thumbnails...
  5. javacentral

    Took some feed back and want to know how I did!

    So I did this video last week on, if coffee is good for you. I did change up some of the lighting and the angle so that the couch didn't look all crooked (which I noticed were my biggest complaints which, rightfully so!). Am I missing anything else? Let me know and I really appreciate any future...
  6. Hellolabgroup

    Looking for feedback! :)

    Hey there! I'm looking back for general feedback about my content! Please poke around my channel a bit and let me know what feedback/advice/critique you have for me. I'm always looking to improve! I've only been making let's plays for 4 months but I just reached 300 subs and I'm feeling pretty...
  7. O

    Tip on how to categorize your channel

    I have one Channel for my personal stuff, Comedy and vlogs. I have another one for my film business that I use to upload concert films and my documentaries. Eventually I will branch out to film tutorials and game reviews. Here is what I will do to eliminate needing a bunch of channels. I will...
  8. FraYoshi

    subscription's feed?

    Would be cool having a feed of our subscription actions!! Would't?? I'd love to have a sit and watch what my subscriptions do around the YouTube!! Anybody know if there's some API that do this? Because we can see it goin' on their personal youtube channel but I don't really know if there's...