1. Sven Vee

    Anyone following the JP, Faze, Sidemen drama? Is it real/fake? Thoughts?

    I've been really interested in all the stuff surrounding Jake Paul lately, just because he's such a phenomenon as a creator (don't like his content though) and some other drama stories surrounding the Sidemen with KSI and the Faze clan. I don't know, a lot of it seems super scripted, just...
  2. Alex "Rinkles"


    As you can see by the title I'm looking for fellow trickshotters that play any or all call of dutys and that are decently skilled at trickshotting and that like to make YT videos (Add me on xbox L Rinkles L)
  3. Ballistic

    How I Almost Got Arrested!

  4. CONX


    The faze clan have been around for ages and have a lot of members etc faze rain,faze apex,faze adapt and more. WHOS YOUR FAVOURITE
  5. Ballistic

    My reaction video!

  6. M

    Gaming Trickshotting collab on bo3 PS4 + 76 subs

    So if you are interested to make some trickshotting videos for example best of three in private match or road to a clip on s&d lets collab I mean I wanna have may video out there especially because soon there is a FaZe 5 and I wanna get in as a content creature. Requirements 1- decent mic 2- 15...
  7. M

    Gaming PS4 BO3 Lets go for FaZe! #FaZe5Soon!

    So if you watch FaZe, FaZe Blaziken said soon there will be a FaZe 5 and FaZe is literally a goal for me. And I would want to join as a content creature and I need some help and we will benefit from this together. I want to make a group to collab together, like we make trickshotting videos on...
  8. T

    I'm making an gaming group like faze where you have the group name on front of your yt name

    I play agario but I'm getting a pc so we can play pc games Group name = we will make on up Req subs 40 plus We will have each other's link in our description that way we all help each other out when we uploadPut your skype down
  9. Kirikoza

    Youtube is insane this last month!

    I'm not sure what it is, but Youtube's been so dramatic and crazy this past month or so. So much has been happening, it feels like a sort of Youtube revolution. What really sparked this conversation to me was when CPgames uploaded a video addressing the issues that Youtube has been facing this...
  10. DZaw

    A review is much appreciated

    Hey I just posted the first (of hopefully many) video on my channel. I would like to get better at editing but I'm brand new to it. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsov_w9BJr8ctPy29SeHygw A channel and video review is much appreciated. Thanks