far cry 4

  1. TedTheBear

    I need a good feedback on my gaming chanell (crysis 3, Dishonored, Bioshock, Far Cry 4,...)

    I started uploading videos about a month ago and I never got a good feedback what is good and what is bad on my chanell, please help me with feedback, I would appreciate it. Thank you!
  2. Mattaxol


    This and a corpselaunch within 5 minutes... what even... I hope all you guys enjoy and I hope I made you laugh. Thank you :D
  3. Mattaxol

    THAT SHOT!! | Far Cry 4

    This took 4 hours to edit because I recorded for so long... Gah! Anyways, I really do hope you guys enjoy, I put a load of time into each video I make so it'd mean a lot to see some support. Thank you :))
  4. Mattaxol

    AIRBORNE JEEP! | Far Cry 4

    I put loads of work into this video and no one has seen it yet in the 6 hours (ish) it's been uploaded other than me. Please show some support if you enjoy it, I'd really really appreciate it. Thank you!!
  5. Mattaxol

    TO THE NORTH! | Far Cry 4

    An epic episode where we finally unlock the North and charge through a bridge! So epic :D
  6. Mattaxol

    RELEASE THE ANIMALS! | Far Cry 4 (CHANGED STYLE-Editing Highly now. Feedback? :))

    This was so fun to record, and I felt like editing it fully, after not editing for a bit (testing out styles of videos) I finally will stick to fully editing my videos. Hopefully at least one of you guys will enjoy this, I put tons of effort into it. Thank you :)
  7. Mattaxol

    MORE WILLIS MISSIONS | Far Cry 4 (Feedback again please? :))

    Hi!! The last time I asked for feedback I got some really thoughtful constructive criticism, and I decided to try to take the feedback and use what you guys said, and so, can you please let me know how I did? Anything I should change?? Thank you :)
  8. Mattaxol

    MYSTERIOUS SHANGRI-LA | Far Cry 4 (Feedback please?! :))

    Starting a new series, Far Cry 4, and getting used to commentating/solo videos(/playthroughs?). Really do hope you guys enjoy, and if you have any feedback, please please let me know how to improve. Thank you!!