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  1. Veal Chops

    Fallout 4 Lore | The Disturbing Truth About Longneck Lukowski's Cannery

    New channel looking for some feedback!! Check out my latest video and let me know what you think!
  2. Veal Chops

    Fallout 4 Lore | Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution

    Enjoy everyone! Feedback is much appreciated!
  3. Veal Chops

    Fallout 4 Lore | Exploring Chestnut Hillock Reservoir

    Hey guys, here's my latest video on Chestnut Hillock Reservoir in Fallout 4! Tell me what you think!
  4. Veal Chops

    Looking For Feedback on my Skyrim/Fallout Lore Channel

    Hey everyone! I just started a new YouTube channel a few weeks ago for Skyrim and Fallout lore videos. I would really appreciate it if you checked out a couple of my videos and gave me some feedback so that I can know what I'm doing right, and what changes I have to consider making. Thanks...
  5. Chancealot

    Fallout 4 Gameplay: DA SLOGGG

    Please come check out my Fallout 4 video and let me know what you think. Make sure you like the video and subscribe to the channel! Thank you soooo much for your time!
  6. Livelifeinabox

    Vlog goes full Fallout 4 Parody

    while exploring Australia we get some strong Fallout vibes and decide to run with it!
  7. DivideAndConquer

    Killing a Deathclaw! | Fallout 4 GamePlay | Part 2

    As the sole survivor of Vault 111, you enter a world destroyed by nuclear war. Every second is a fight for survival, and every choice is yours. Only you can rebuild and determine the fate of the Wasteland. Welcome home. tell me what you think of the video! thanks for your time! :)
  8. Worldofpossible

    Fallout 4 Nuka World Cappy Nuka Nuke Quest Bug Workaround!

    [Video] I talk about a quest bug work around in the nuka nuke launcher quest and how to double the damage of the weapon. I also mention how to get both rewards as well.
  9. Worldofpossible

    Fallout 4 Nuka World Wall Breach Glitch Quantum Power Armor!

    [Video] [Txt Version] The wall breach glitch tutorial allowing one to skip the remaining star cores scatter throughout the nuka world dlc. The step are while in power armor hug the glass wall to the left then quickly hold and release x while spinning around so that the power armor's back is...
  10. Nathan Greaves

    LIVE! Fallout - Building an Evil Lair

    Hey so were currently streaming (as i write this) building an evil lair on fallout using a few cheeky mods, would appreciate some of you lovely people showing some support :P https://www.twitch.tv/rbpexperience
  11. Mattaxol


    I'm back, bringing you the latest update's beta of Fallout 4 - Survival Mode. It was also extremely funny in the end, I jumped at least 10 times... but I swear I'm a man okay, the... the volume was loud... *insert other bad excuse here* Hopefully you guys find this one as funny as I did, and I...
  12. Gods of Odds

    Fallout 4 30+ settlers on consoles (no cheats)

    If anyone be interested in watching a video on Fallout 4 how to get 30+ settlers on consoles without cheating? I've been wondering whether it would be a good thing to show people or not.
  13. DefendersOfThePod

    Gaming News Update | DOOM BETA and Gears of War 4

    GNU (Gaming News Update) is our series of exactly what you think, gaming news! This update we have new information about the Doom beta and dlc, Mass effect Andromeda, Fallout 4's workshop dlc (which looks amazing), and a Gears of War 4 Announcement! We'll be uploading these whenever Check back...
  14. BIGtheRED

    MACHO MAN LAUNCHER! - Fallout 4 Mods/Funny Moments - BIGtheRED

    BIGtheRED embarks on an experiment with Fallout 4 mods. Combining the Deathclaw Launcher mod, and the Macho Claws mod, he creates a weapon of incredible trolling, and unleashes it on the Corvega Plant and Diamond City. Check out these funny moments! If you liked the video be sure to smash that...
  15. DefendersOfThePod

    Fallout 4 Automatron Items/Power Armor/New content guide

    Just a simple guide of some of the achievements, armor, guns, and other various new items in the Automatron Fallout 4 DLC!
  16. ModestBudgetGaming

    FALLOUT 4 DLC!!! Thoughts, breakdown & analysis!

    Finally! Some awesome concrete news on the new Fallout 4 DLC!
  17. Shehzad

    What's Happened To Bethesda? - Fallout 4 Rant (Spoilers)

    Alright, I finally sat down and finished the story of Fallout 4 without clawing my eyes out. I'm ganna be speaking about how progressively worse Fallout games have gotten and how this game didn't deliver to the fans at all. If you wanna find out the reason why this isn't a real Fallout game then...
  18. Trevgauntlet

    Services Custom Pip-Boy Boot Screen Title Card

    So who here would like their very own Boot screen, with your channel's name, logo or avatar? Custom colors are included and the videos will be in 1080p 60fps! The sample video is on my channel, I will upload it later on.
  19. TodManOut

    Fallout 4- Ep. 3

    :bounce:Here it is finally Episode 3 of Fallout 4:bounce: :spin:Be sure to check out my channel for more:spin:
  20. MrYoeriTime

    Fallout 4 Gameplay!

    Also Check out My Channel! And Subscribe if you like :) https://www.youtube.com/user/MrYoeriTime
  21. MrYoeriTime

    My New Gaming Channel!

    Heey there guys and girls, I started recently on youtube and posting vids. I play lots of Fallout and Total War. My first new vids are now on and hope you could check them out!
  22. TodManOut

    Fallout 4 Ep. 2

    :bounce:Here's episode 2 of my Fallout 4 Let's Play.:bounce: :spin:Be sure to stay tuned to my channel for more:spin: P.S. If you like stories, read the video descriptions on my channel.
  23. TodManOut

    Let's Play Fallout 4 Ep. 1

    :bounce:I have finished the first video to my Fallout 4 Let's Play.:bounce: Enjoy and be sure to check out my channel. P.S. Soon to have a new Thumbnail.
  24. Callum Macdonald

    Not My Wife!: Fallout 4 #1

    Whats up guys! CalciumKing here and today we are starting up my new Fallout 4 series. I wasnt much of a big fallout player, ive only played some of new vegas before on xbox 360, but this game Ive really enjoyed from the get go. The graphics are great and the gameplay is very good. This is going...
  25. TodManOut

    Fallout 4 Settlement Guide 1-3

    :spin:I'll be starting my Fallout 4 Let's play soon!:spin: :bounce:If you like the guides and think I should do more of them, leave a comment either in this thread or in the discussion section on my channel.:bounce...