1. Scandinavian Freckles

    They scam small youtubers!

    Hi everyone, So I was approached to shout this company out and I found out so many other "smaller" youtubers have before me BUT !!! It's all a scam! Don't fall for this, check out my new video and you will see what I mean !!
  2. Juan Walls

    We try build a table top around our Dogs Kennel, Fail or not?

    So we saw this nice table top built around a kennel on pinterest and we decided to try it ourselves. The lady said it only took 45 minutes but it was bull lol This is us building it and our end result. Did we fail or not?
  3. T

    Creating a "fail" type channel, what is the proper course of action regarding using other content?

    I see many Facebook and YouTube accounts that do this, but I want to do it the proper way, ala Failarmy or JukinVideo. I realise that they have large teams in order to coordinate payments and licensing, but what could a smaller channel do to get their foot in the door? I imagine a lot of it is...
  4. Vasokan

    How Not To Fly A Drone!!! New Vlog

    Bought a drone thinking it would be that much easier and it ended up being a disaster!! __________________________________________________________________ Our path to 1000 subs is on, once I hit that I'll be giving away a new IPAD mini. The only, only, only rule is to Subscribe, Like, and...
  5. SeanFace101

    Drunk Dancing In Wiggys + FAIL

    Dancing Drunk In Wiggys House (Mark, Wiggy, Mick & More) + FAIL
  6. GregRawinski

    EVO TRIANGLE FAIL - my road trip to Wales

  7. SeanFace101

    Grant Throwing Darts At Board, Then Camera Man!

  8. KaizzyB


    Hey Guys, What else can i say about this video except what a fail,.. ENJOY
  9. KaizzyB


    What else can i say guys, but yeah, what a fail Enjoy!

    Worst Magicians Ever

  11. SeanFace101

    Friends Dancing.. Then, One Falls!

    Mark, Steph & Mick Dancing Drunk In Wiggys House (With Big Fail) Mark, Wiggy & Mick dancing MWI in Wiggys House & Wiggy (Stephen Docherty) picks Mick up and drops him on his face! The night of the Celtic vs Falkirk Semi-Final. Sean (Me), Chrissy Wallace & Big Steph there too!
  12. SeanFace101

    My Friend Face Dives The Ground! (Ouch!)

    Mick Face Dives The Ground! Mick face dives / plants the ground while he was dancing and my other friend tried to pick him
  13. L.A. Vloggers


    Today me and Ivy go to Six Flags Magic Mountain with my Gopro but then I find out that they don't allow GoPros onto any rides so we end up getting stopped on the ride by one of the employees at Six Flags. THANKS FOR WATCHING!
  14. L.A. Vloggers


    Me and Ivy go to Six Flags with my Gopro but then I find out that they don't allow GoPros onto any rides so we end up getting stopped on the ride by one of the employees at Six Flags. THANKS FOR WATCHING!
  15. M


    3 hours of rehearsing for this very small video. We stopped it 1/4 in because the girl (clown) wasn't supposed to appear until 3/4ths in. Oh well, here's the result lol
  16. itsaquagemini

    DIY FAIL: How to NOT make a Bath Bomb

    Why I don't do DIYs lol
  17. DanDaSimmer

    What happens when you miss a goal?

    Hey everyone! I started my channel about 2.5 months ago now, and I'm so glad I started new and fresh with Dan's Life. My first month was great and I earned about 28 subscribers, which I was so shocked and happy with! So when I thought what my next goal was, I said to myself earning 25...
  18. Kirgle

    Robot sales demonstration turns into super FAIL

    Hello YtTalkers, I got sent a link to this awesome fail where a sales guy desperately tries to get his robot to work at a televised electronics convention... Enjoy :)
  19. Enrique Salazar

    The day my son learned his limit/lesson

    I kept telling my son not to go too fast on the treadmill, he didn't listen and paid the price.
  20. S

    oh my I did terrible didn't I? | ROCKET LEAGUE

    So yeah I made another Rocket League video, and I did very poorly in this one. Check it out and tell me what you think.! bump
  21. DeanzEpic

    Girls Fail Compilation 2016 Reaction

    If you wanna see hot girls fail, this is the video for you! Watch some hilarious fails as I comment on them.
  22. AuthorFilms Studios

    My DRONE Crashed!!

  23. AuthorFilms Studios

    I broke my DRONE...

    I hate it when stuff like this happen.
  24. Dice Rollen

    Dice Rollen Bloopers

    This is a montage of bloopers & outtakes from short films & sketches!
  25. MRBenji

    Gaming You Wonna Collab? Read this Sweet Thread

    Hi Y'all, as the days of joining this beautiful community have gone by (3 Days) my subs are slowly going up even though ive not put much content out I'm still thinking of news content to create that includes collabs, with anybody, male/female, any age above maybe 17. i can collabe with any game...
  26. The Breaker

    For Destiny Gamers

    My Crota solo attempts. Hope you like it and constructive criticism is welcome! <3
  27. AuthorFilms Studios

    How NOT to fly a Drone!

    Yeah, so this happened :D
  28. MegaCrasher

    2015 Channel Highlights Featuring: Rage, Funny, Fails And Wins Moments

    NOTE: Sorry about the inconvenience friends, the first time I uploaded the whole montage, the video froze a good 3rd of the duration so I had to re-upload this into 2 parts. Welcome to part 1 of the video that showcases nearly 30 minutes of channel highlights back from MegaMasher to...
  29. O

    Favorite animation videos on YT?

    Hi I am doing fun cartoon animation videos with minecraft figures and just want to ask you what you usually watch of animation videos on YT? (if you watch anyone at all) Please fell free to provide me your feedback on my newest christmas animation video as well :) it took me very long time and...
  30. Joey McClurg

    20 Mind Blowing Facts My a**... Internet Fails Me

    So I was doing my normal fact finding online and ran into an article were people were asked for interesting and weird facts. Unfortunately most of the people posting facts were full of crap lol. So I trolled the whole thing. Let me know what you think.