1. EpicCrusher

    Any thoughts about iMovie?

    I'm considering using iMovie editor software and wondering if anyone has experience with this? Good or bad experiences? In my case, I think I do not need a very expensive editor software. I will just edit/cut video where I crushing things and add some music. Thanks for all opinions!
  2. Silent

    Voice Acting Looking for experience

    Hi, I am a 21 year old male looking into voice acting, but i have no prior experience. I have acted for 6 years though so I'm sure I can adapt from that. I played many roles from Les Mis, to Rocky Horror, to Shrek. I'm willing to try anything and start voice acting as a hobby. I have a good mic...
  3. SkylentGames

    Nvidia Shadowplay Mic Quality is Trash Friends; Evidence.

    For those similar to me who are doing gaming videos, I just want to suggest you record your audio and video separately or use OBS with a high bit rate. Shadowplay is a great tool for recording footage and game audio, but not your voice at all. It is not professional level and only barely...
  4. xandru8

    Does anyone use the EPOXY app ?

    Good day gents, I was wondering if anyone is using the EPOXY app. It looks nice and tidy, and you can have 4 major spaces in one and reply faster but is there more then just reply and just post pictures ? If anyone has some experience I would be really thankful if you would share it with me...
  5. CubizFIFA

    Vevx Network?

    Hello, for the past month I have been browsing around networks in youtube and it seems like I've found one I want to join. Its called the Vevx network. I was wondering if anyone has had past experiences with this network they could share, or give me some more input on my decision and whether I...
  6. PVS

    Latest from Life (Network)

    First off, this is not a rant or anything. Just sharing my experience. Personal and with the network. About a year and a half ago I started my YouTube channel. It was mainly music oriented (we all know how dodgy that can be) and I managed to partner with Life (or a least on of their daughter...
  7. Zach S.

    My Experiences Working in Retail!!!

    -My Experiences Working Retail || Zapps Exp. EP 1- Today you guys get to here my retail rant of my Craziest Retail Experiences from me about working a retail job for almost a year. These experiences go anywhere from finding poop everywhere inside of a bathroom, to getting phone calls from...