1. E

    Gaming Minecraft Modded Series

    Hi i can play any Minecraft Mod pack i just need someone to play with n a server that we can play on which is Lag free! Add me on Discord Taggenn#2669 n we can discuss from there! No requirements except being Toxic n swearing im a small utuber please dont swear
  2. Nerfworthy


    Have you guys seen it, yet? I would ask of you to leave a like/dislike and a comment with constructive criticism, if possible : ) This way you won't only tell me why you liked/disliked it but by doing so, i'll improve myself to become better.
  3. Markiepie

    How to put season and episode on YouTube?

    Hi,guys! Sorry, I haven't been here for a while. Today I got a question. On YouTube, I saw some video had season and episode number on them. How do you do that? For example: On GMM video, it has S13.E40. Thanks. :biggrin:
  4. O

    Bringing back an old series

    I made three short episodes titled "Annoying Neighbor" I haven't had time to make anymore until now. I've been busy for the last year making a documentary film. I want to bring back the series. How can I do this best? Do I bring it back without mentioning why it took so long to film any new...
  5. UnaverageNorwegian

    Is this enough for an episode?

    Hi guys, the last two days haven't really been full of action, So i made my vlog out of the few things that did happen, when i wasn't at work. I would like to know if you think this is enough for an episode? or if i should have talked more about what was going on and so on? All feedback is...
  6. EpicMynd88

    Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Playthrough - No Commentary - Ep. 16

    QOTD : Where do you think Agrabah is in RL? Please leave a like, comment, and subscribe!! Thx :-) https://youtu.be/qNLxABUFpd4
  7. Zach S.

    My Experiences Working in Retail!!!

    -My Experiences Working Retail || Zapps Exp. EP 1- Today you guys get to here my retail rant of my Craziest Retail Experiences from me about working a retail job for almost a year. These experiences go anywhere from finding poop everywhere inside of a bathroom, to getting phone calls from...
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