1. Curiosity Ridge

    Issues with audience engagement

    Hey friends, I'm having a bulit of trouble getting audience engagement. Nobody seems to want to comment, like and most importantly subscribe. Most of my traffic comes from people who are not subscribers (92%) so you can imagine getting these people to interact is one of my top priorities. Some...
  2. Sibernethy

    Gaming Looking for Youtubers that know what they're doing (500+ subs) (PC) (High-quality)

    Hi there! I've noticed that when looking for collaborations, one of two groups are dominant here: new Youtubers and big Youtubers. But what about the intermediates like me? People who have an audience but are still working towards their first 1000 where the magical pot of proverbial gold is and...
  3. Rieverze

    The way I engage on my audience.

    So, I made my third video now recently. And I've got alot of good feedback on my first video, now my next goal is to improve my way of engaging on my audience. I tried working on this in my last video, as in the approaching, talking to the viewer. I am aware that the wind really killed it this...