1. S

    Free software for Grain / Digital / VHS effects?

    Hi, I’m using the free version of Da Vinci Resolve 17, and it doesn’t have Grain / Digital / VHS effects. Does anyone know any software that has these effects for free? Or does anyone know any free Da Vinci Resolve 17 plugins that have these effects? I'm specifically looking for grain and...
  2. A

    I'm looking for more visual effects for my horror story telling videos

    Where can I find some transition effects like those in the video below or some other spooky effects? I'm using Camtasia 9. As a beginner, I would appreciate any advice!
  3. Jared Poirier

    Green Screen Advice

    Hey guys! I recently posted my first green screen video. I find that it looks okay for a first attempt but I am trying to get a lot better. Do you guys have an recommendations for improving the quality of greenscreen? Thanks! - Jared
  4. SupWithT

    Trying new uploads and new videos

    I am up and coming on my channel and I'm trying let's plays and gameplays. Any ideas on what it needs?
  5. Landen

    Theory About Over-Professionalism?

    Hey all, I just recently thought about this. This is a weird thought but I'm creating videos that right off the bat have a ton of editing (music, sound effects, popups, animations, etc). Because my channel is so new, I don't really have a lot of views. I realize things can only improve over...
  6. Arrowdance

    Differences between Sony Vegas & Adobe After Effects

    I'm a Sony Vegas user, but I recently heard about After Effects, so I'd like to know what's the differences with Vegas, the pros and the cons. Could you tell me, guys?
  7. Robbie B Sounds

    Services Royality Free Sound Effects And Music

    Robbie B Sounds is a studio dedicated to releasing FREE sound effects for the purpose of providing creators with the great quality sounds to enhance the creativity and popularity of their content, all our sounds are provided are safe from any copyright claims or infringement. • Robbie B Sounds...
  8. O

    Request Looking for someone who can create a high quality outro

    Willing to offer any payment if necessary, must contain motion shakes of certain elements and beginning and end transitions for the outro, again in exchange i'd give you a payment if needed any liking your work if it displayed on your channel or somewhere else (If you're able to match it up...
  9. Ghostnova

    Comedy Anyone in Texas Fort Worth Area?

    Looking to collaborate. Need help making stuff on my channel. Currently MIA with the plan on deleting my channel unless I get at least 50k subs. Started a mocumentary following the quest to get 50k subs. I usually do improv comedy and am pretty good with special effects. Looking specifically...
  10. Jawad Soomro


    AFTER EFFECTS TUTORIAL Work of Imagination: Lightning strikes the building! I guess we need fire Brigade ;)
  11. Livid

    Short Film Do Any Short Film Creators wanna collab?

    I am really new at directing and only start not even a couple months ago because I wasn't sure how to do anything and I didnt have anyone that would be interesting in acting but now I'm in this class in my highschool that has taught me things like how to use green screen effects and stuff like...
  12. bearded bear

    how to shake the camera vigorously for gaming vides an adobe premire pro

    hello the software I use for my videos is adobe premier pro. and in some you tubers videos like pewdiepie and markiplier and the Russian badger that they will shake the camera in game their playing and I was wondering how to shake it vigorously like they do. please someone help
  13. Gameoverjack

    Request Professional Intro Needed (A HUGE SHOUTOUT!)

    Hey! I wanted some very talented motion designers (only after effects 2d) for making me an intro! I have already bought this amazing pack for animations! So all you have to do is use that pack! And I made an entire video explaining this just go to my channel "GameOverJack" and you can find an...
  14. CryptPixel

    Request NEED HELP!!! If you have Adobe After Effects PLEASE contact me, Need help to recovered corrupted PSD

    Situation Hi, I'm currently very, VERY frustrated and stressed out on my current situation where I have worked a FULL month on my Friends Channel Art Banner for his YouTube channel which I've worked on all so very hard however just today, being just about 95% close to finishing the Artwork the...
  15. UKHypnotist

    Curation Channels

    I know there are people here besides me who own multiple YouTube channels. For these people I have a couple of questions. First of all, have any of you ever founded a channel simply to be a one-stop aggregation of the content from your other channels (meaning playlists from every channel you...