1. Dutchie Abroad

    Do my videos need more editting?

    Hey everyone! So I'm about 1,5 months in and this is the point that I start becoming more critical of my videos. Especially my sit-down-talk videos, because it is just me talking to a camera and I'm affraid people will get bored and click away. Now is my question: do my videos need more...
  2. C


    Is there anyone that is savvy with a camera/computer, that would be interested in a partnership? I have no problem getting in front of a camera to do anything at all, just what I lack is the ability to make an all around great video due to my editing skills. If someone would be interested in...
  3. M

    Request Intro Rendered in Sony Vegas[No Payment]

    I simply need an intro online. All you have to do is edit the text in the intro and render it so that I can use it in another video editing program since I don't have Sony Vegas. That's it. I think this is pretty simple. Sorry, no payment is offered.
  4. Zachary Thomas

    Services Anyone need a video edited?

    So I want to improve on my editing skills and I thought what better way to do that than edit more videos! So if you need any video(s) edited get with me and we can talk 1on1 and make it happen!