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  1. Worldsgreatestvideogamers

    Insane New Destiny 2 Easter Egg

    We found a new Easter egg in Destiny 2, and almost lost our lunch at how controversial it is!
  2. I

    Gaming Xbox 360 Cod bo zombies 1 ,2 or 3 collab

    Xbox 360 users collab for call of duty Black ops zombies 1, 2 or 3 no subs over 50- and mics recording software /w skype My gamertag Zerxio a average mic , No chill please i make offensive jokes average players only and fun ones to ^_^ Attemps for funny moments, high rounds and the easter egg...
  3. FantasticFreakingGaming


    Hey there guys or gals! I just discovered a way on how to skip at least 15 rounds in the new Black Ops 3 zombies map Shadows Of Evil! It's part of an achievement so classed as an Easter egg but I wanted to upload this video to help anyone who didn't yet know about it. If this video helped you...