1. VRONA

    locked - Looking for Honest Feedback to Finally Grow my Channel

    Hey everyone! I am looking for some honest channel feedback or advice on what I could do to grow or has prevented my channel from growing, seeing how I only got 204 subscribers and 8k views after 4 years. What's even stranger is that across these 4 years, my content has been quickly dropping in...
  2. Sambo Gaming


    Hey Clash fans! The game may come to an end! Watch video to find out more details!
  3. Zeferus

    How To Fix A Dying Channel With Inactive Subscribers

    I currently have 1589 subscribers but recently my support has been going down ever since I stopped uploading videos for 4 months. But then, I came back and started making more videos but I realized my views have been going down and I don't have an audience which regularly watch my videos every...
  4. Scrubs Ahoy

    Scrubs Ahoy's New Gaming Channel!

    Hello everybody, we are Scrubs Ahoy! We're fairly new to youtube as creators, but have been part of the fan base for a while, and felt it was time to add our own videos for all to see. Scrubs Ahoy is made of Jork and Chrus; two silly english boys with a love for gaming. We upload various...
  5. darkstarmedia

    OSCAR | A Film For Katharina

    Last month, a friend and I were invited up to Cornwall to capture some final moments between our friend Katharina and her dog, Oscar - who is dying. He was diagnosed with a terminal illness in late 2015, so I put this video together in his honour. I hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as I...