1. TammyTTalks

    Dutch vlogs!

    Hello everybody! I'm back! I decided to pick up youtube again but now I vlog in Dutch. I would love to know if there are Dutchies on this forum who would like to get in contact. Maybe I will pick up making video's in English again. I'm not sure yet. Would people be interested in Dutch vlogs...
  2. R

    Video language: Speaking English or English subtitles?

    Hi guys! I am starting another channel about my fitness and health in a vlogging type of way. Of course, this is an very present subject on Youtube. However, there are very few vloggers working on this subject. Therefore, I can see this working. But I'm wondering: can I reach viewers from...
  3. MrWils

    Meet Up/Gathering Any YouTubers from Belgium?

    I am from Belgium but I make english video's I would like to know of someone else is from Belgium and it doesn't matters if you make Dutch video's. I just want some new youtube friends! I want to meet some new people! Thanks in advance! ~MrWils
  4. L

    Vlog Looking for a collab with English speaking YouTubers living in the Netherlands

    Hi! I'm posting weekly vlogs on YouTube and I have done a challenge with a friend who is not a YouTuber. I'm really looking forward to make collab videos with YouTubers from the Netherlands who are always speaking English in their vlogs. Are you one of those YouTubers who want to collab for...
  5. T

    Other Dutch/Netherlands collab needed!

    Hi I am in need of a dutch guy/girl to collab on a channel with. Wanna know if there are any dutch people on here. If so, hit me up and we will collab and ill explain what my idea is. Preferbly 18 and older.