1. LCGaming


    Hello Everyone, go give our giveaway video a look if you would like to win some nice Blue Light Glasses!! :)
  2. LCGaming

    DUB CITY!!!!

    Go check out our Duo dub and dont forget to like comment and sub if you'd like!! Hope you enjoy the content!!
  3. LCGaming

    Black Ops 4 || Race To Diamond

    Hey guys hope you enjoy our episode 2 of Race To Diamond we are also starting a horror game series and Garrett will be playing Resident Evil 7, which will be fun to watch because neither of us like scary games in the slightest. So keep an eye out for that series. I don't know what scary game I...
  4. V

    Gaming Looking for person to record YT vids with.

    Looking for some chill person to play games with and record them for funny moments/highlights for now, max around 10 mins videos as my internet upload speed isnt the best and I`m still learning editing, so I dont know how to add any fancy stuff just yet. My nick on steam is: Veinama It would...
  5. faebell

    Other Book Reviews and Discussions

    Hi, I live in Edmonton, AB and am looking for someone to do regular book reviews or discussions about books. I love fantasy books, or historical fiction. I would like to do something a bit different and thought having two minds and opinions would be great. I'm not sure about the details yet, but...
  6. ImChazza

    The Chicken Dinner - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    In today's video, we get the chicken dinner on Duo's in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Enjoy guys!
  7. SeriousRave

    FIRST FACECAM CO-OP !! ∙ Serious and Rave Play: Among the Sleep ∙ Pt. 1 #Co-opWednesday!!

  8. TheDumbDumbDUO

    Would like feedback on our channel and videos

    Hello friends, Like the thread title says we would like some feedback on our channel and videos. We are pretty new to the whole YouTube content creating and we would like to improve our channel and videos further based on your feedback. Right now we are a gaming channel but we are also thinking...
  9. J

    Duo Gaminng channel!

    We have big aspirations for YouTube even if we never make it we are doing this so we can look back and laugh at the times we've shared. Anywho we have no experience or funds as of yet but we are learning and working on upgrading and taking feedback to step foot in the YouTube world. Please check...