1. Dutchie Abroad

    I made a mistake D: || Regretting things you say in a video

    So, have you ever posted a video and then realized you sad something INCREDIBLY stupid? And not like, getting-a-fact-wrong-stupid, but downright bashing-someones-feelings-stupid? Yeah, that happened to me. I'm an idiot. Luckily the persons affected weren't mad, but damn, I feel so so so bad...
  2. H

    NEW VIDEO: I do not understand how people can be so STUPID!!

    I just uploaded a new video and the fact that real people messed this up worries me...
  3. Mr Danny

    Finding Dory?

    Finding Dory is out and about! Go watch! Ellen DeGeneres deserves it! Look at all those exclamation points! Anyways, watch this video to see what I think Finding Dory is about! I'm probably right, as always....
  4. Tyhd

    Dumb YouTubers #3

  5. Tyhd

    Kids Are Dumb (Battlefield 4 Commentary)

  6. Crown

    Some people are too dumb to even spam properly

    So this morning I logged in to my YouTube channel to check my comments. Overnight, I got about 20 approved comments which were all fine and there were 2 which were flagged as possible spam. One of the 2 possible spam comments was fine and I approved it, but the other one was someone blatantly...