1. one_way_mission

    Medieval Monastic Site in Glendalough, Ireland. Drone flight.

    Flying a drone over Glendalough at sunrise was a truly magical experience. Seeing the mist rising off of the lakes and encircling the round tower and the golden rays of the sun lighting up the valley was a truly enchanting experience. Glendalough or Gleann Dá Loch in Gaelige means the "Valley...
  2. Rathi

    Feedback on my Channel/Videos

    Hi Guys, My name is Rathi. I’m a multi passionate person who loves traveling.. I'd love to know what you all think about my channel and the videos I've made so far. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you in advance! Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiH04OEXkWyHzvc0NKciVSQ Latest video:
  3. Rathi

    Cambodia - Feedback

    Hey guys, this is my new video. It's only my second video so I'm really interested to hear what you all think! :)
  4. 2desitravelers

    Kauai, Hawaii - Heaven on earth [4K] | Gopro | DJI Mavic | DSLR

  5. House on STUFF

    Travel from Fiji Home

    I'm not good SPAM you guys, but I did enjoy making this one. I know, I know, no drone footage. But I'll get there.
  6. ItsMeRay

    WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!?! - VLOG 07

    Hey what is up fam, it's me Ray and welcome back to another video! I have another vlog for you guys. A very important package came in and I just had to go get it. It was a Christmas/New Years present to myself from myself and let me tell you... I had to suck a lot of d**k for it and had to stay...

    Using Drones

    I've long wanted to get a drone for our channel (and the business I own), and finally invested - WELL WORTH IT. Just posted my first video with drone footage and it's unreal how much a simple piece of hardware can help tell a story. If you're considering getting a drone, do it. Not only does it...
  8. Vasokan

    How Not To Fly A Drone!!! New Vlog

    Bought a drone thinking it would be that much easier and it ended up being a disaster!! __________________________________________________________________ Our path to 1000 subs is on, once I hit that I'll be giving away a new IPAD mini. The only, only, only rule is to Subscribe, Like, and...
  9. thegenerallee86

    A Video from my Mavic Pro Drone!

    I just bought this a couple months ago and this is my favorite video so far:
  10. The NotARubicon!

    Looking for feedback on latest video

    I'm looking for feedback on the 'creative' aspect of my newest video. Shooting video is easy for me, putting it together into something that is creative is where i struggle. This was an "easy" Jeep (no hard-core stuff like in many of my videos) run (38 Jeeps!) so i wanted the video to to have...
  11. justinvh2121

    God's Country

  12. Enrique Salazar

    DJI Mavic Drone!!!!

    Who else is excited about the new DJI Mavic? I know I want to really get it and if anyone has any info about them, please let me know. Here is a video shot with my Parrot Bebop (Not as good as DJI, but it's something):
  13. EliteTowerStudios

    Please review my drone video

    I made a video using my drone, please let me know how you like the editing and quality.
  14. Wowser Palooza

    Drones are Awesome!

  15. Laura Wills

    Just reached 40 Subs! WE'RE SO HAPPY!

    We are so excited to have reached 40 subscribers! It feels like each subscriber is proof that people enjoy our content and motivation to keep making videos and posting! We're a vlogging couple from South Florida and love documenting our daily life together. Right now we are uploading about 2...
  16. ShawnMcCallum

    I Bought a Drone!! ! Then 3 days later lost it in a lake.... :(

    Got some good shots, before losing my big investment... I need to replace it, don't you think?
  17. heyimandy

    First Vlog! - Wakeboarding, Fishing and a little drone action!

    Hey everyone, I just started weekend vlogs. My first one just went up. Still learning a lot about this vloging world as I'm use to being behind the camera. I'm a Director of Photographer from Toronto, Canada. Hope you like my first episode!
  18. LordFrench

    Its Here ....

    Wow I Sooo Never Thought Id Get Any Vlogging Done Today. I Forgot To Even Record Anything And Then I Had A Knock At The Door Which Saved My Life :)
  19. kegstandkyle

    Other Have a drone? Want to get noticed? Lets Collab!

    New channel dedicated to promoting new drone youtube channels, great way to get noticed!! By collaborating you can get great exposure!!! Search Dronelife4ever on YouTube or search Kegstandkyle (my youtube page 4k + subs for details)
  20. S

    Selfie Taking Drone (parody)

  21. AuthorFilms Studios

    My DRONE Crashed!!

  22. AuthorFilms Studios

    Micro SD Cards are so unreliable!!

    Just was filming with my Drone, got back, and half the footage is missing on my SD Card. This keeps happening all the time!! It is a genuine SanDisk card (16GB), and about 2GB worth of videos just vanished! None of my clips are corrupt, just some of them vanish. I tried a data recovery program...
  23. AuthorFilms Studios

    I broke my DRONE...

    I hate it when stuff like this happen.
  24. Clockwork collective

    Lets start a convo..... Hows your hows mine ?

    Ive been a filmmaker commercially for years and would love to watch each and everyones more recent video and give them a review .. well more like my thoughts.. HIT ME its WORTH Hey Guys so me and a few of my fellow creative types started a channel for Vlogging and whatever take a look..
  25. AuthorFilms Studios

    How to record HD stable Drone footage | Tutorial

    Here is a tutorial on how you can record HD drone footage drone your drone for cheap! Hope you enjoy!
  26. AuthorFilms Studios

    How NOT to fly a Drone!

    Yeah, so this happened :D