1. Xexor

    Gaming Paintings and Drawings Desired

    In addition to other projects I'm working on, I would like to do biographies / lore on various games and their characters. Although these often will include in-game footage as well, I would like to include painting stills at various parts scattered around the videos. I am myself, however, not...
  2. Oparer

    Request Logo For My Youtube - Can Be Paid

    Hey guys! So recently I've been wanting a logo for my youtube. I'm thinking just my minecraft face, but stylized similar to what the yogscast have. Please feel free to ask questions :) A good picture to get an understanding is my profile pic and if you need more reference watch a minecraft...
  3. S

    Art channel

    Hi everyone, I just started this Art channel two days ago. I wonder what you guys think of it. Also, how do you get people to even watch your vids? LINK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeG81d5gAcLIZ5BF-2IfVWg Thank you so much