1. R

    Animation Animator for manga

    So I need someone who can draw well enough for my manga we could work together to make the manga so I need someone to draw for me and if you have any ideas you can tell me if you are interested comment on yttalk or my youtube channel called rubiex12
  2. GeniePurple


    NEW VLOG: Express yourself, emotion, feeling through drawing, well unless you a Genie and make things random and crazy haha - watch till the end! Subscribe as I am on the road to getting 500 subscribers by the end of summer (Giveaway Sweet hamper) peace :thanksthumbs:
  3. V

    Request Drawn Avatar

    Can anyone draw me an avatar? I would be extremely thankful! I can do the banner all I need is someone to draw me a character, I will link you in every single one of my videos descriptions! :D
  4. BigBryanGames

    How to shuffle a deck of cards and draw (not really a HowTo)

    I don't know why I made this. I was just bored and looking for views. XD
  5. anNiallation

    How To Draw God (Atheist Version)

  6. anNiallation

    How To Draw God (Atheist Version)

    Both a tutorial and a comedy!
  7. Shoesy

    Request Looking for a proffesional Illustrator to draw graphics for my banner (PAID)

    Thanks for taking the time to check out this thread. I'm looking for somebody to draw graphics for my YouTube banner. If you're interested or think you fit the bill, please tweet me @T_shoesy or reply to this thread letting me know what you charge for your work and I'll hit you with all the...
  8. EmmanuelJolly

    Other Art Collaborations!

    My name is Emmanuel and i run an Art YouTube channel. I make ''How To Draw'' videos and i was looking for people that upload similar content to mine. I'm looking for people to collaborate with, if you don't upload ''How To Draw'' videos but your content is Art related, i would still be very...