1. A

    video from TikTok

    Guys, can you tell me how I can save videos from my TikTok feed to watch them when I don't have internet?
  2. G

    Can i upload a YouTube video about "how to download facebook videos using a software ????

    Hell guys A question : can i upload a YouTube video about "how to download Facebook videos using a paid software " ?? I see a lot of videos in YouTube about that , is that illegal or not ??? Thank you :)
  3. J


    Hey Guys I have a youtube channel about computer softwares, my fans told me to make a video about "how to download tiktok videos". My question is : Is legally to make a video about how to download tiktok videos ??? I feel that youtube will give ma a strike Thank u
  4. A

    youtube delete my video and give me a warning, why ????

    Hi Guys Im sorry if this is not the right section for my question. I have a youtube channel about tech tutorials, 2 days ago i made a video about "how to convert and download videos from youtube using a software", after that youtube delete the video and give me a warning "regulation on...
  5. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To YouTube

    ► SUBSCRIBE FOR REGULAR YOUTUBE TIPS & TRICKS - ◄ ▶️ YouTube Tips 2018 Playlist - Kickstart your YouTube Channel in 2018 ▶️ 10 MUST SEE Tutorials for New YouTubers ▶️ How To Get More Subscribers in 2018 ✅ FREE YOUTUBE TIPS eBOOK/PDF - ▶️ Suggested...
  6. ALEA freelicencemusic

    Services Free music background, soundtrack, instrumental

    Hello there! I'm a student and jazz musician for a living and I have a big passion for recording. I made this channel so I could produce to my heart's content :D. At the same time I want to allow all content creators to freely download and use my work, be it as background music, intro/outro...
  7. sebasty010

    Services Free Music, Sound Effects, Loops (Original)

    ** Get more than 25 music tracks (many genres available: orchestral, pop, electro, ....) . ** Get hundreds of sound effects. ** Get many Loopable Tracks. And all of that is for free, just check my YT channel and read the videos description to find more info. I'm sorry that the number of...
  8. O

    YouTube GO (Another APP)

    YouTube is creating another app called "YouTube GO" it's only in India right now as beta and it's to watch videos offline. There is no clear description as to whether you need YouTube Red to download videos using YouTube GO.
  9. AuthorFilms Studios

    Colorful 2D Intro (Remastered!)

  10. C

    Services [FREE][BANNERS] Youtube Designs

    Hello, In this thread I'll be offering a free design service to you. My channel consists of various youtube graphics and other designs you may use for you channel. My service is absolutely free and only requires a simple psd download. Sample work: Contact me through skype: Hershvir...
  11. Megan Hawkins

    The Whistling audio file?

    Hey guys! I've been trying to figure out which audio file on the creator tab of youtube is the one that Natasha Bure uses in her videos. For some reason I can't listen to the files first, I have to just download them which is aggravating when you're trying to find one. Can anyone help me out...
  12. PseudoExon

    Question for Twitter users?

    Does anyone know a way for people send messages to other twitter users in a way that they can download videos on their phone. I am speaking more so for people who dont use computer but watch videos via phone.