1. Kane J Goodridge

    Short Film YouTube Content Creator Required for YouTube Documentary Short Film

    Hi there! I am producing a short documentary film based on the Life of a YouTube Content Creator as part of my L3 Diploma Film College Course. The film is 5-10 minutes in length. This film will feature going to a YouTube content creator's studio (or just house if they do not have a studio)...
  2. buzzcuts

    8 Bizarre Kids Shows from Canada

  3. VesuviusStudios

    Short Film Need someone for documentary commentary.

    Hey all, Need someone to read a script for a short documentary I am working on. If you can get back to me ASAP as this is a school project due in a few days. However I plan to re-work it afterwards so feel free to inquire unless If I say in the post otherwise. Thanks!
  4. ttpass12

    Other Looking for an Atheist to share the experience on my channel

    Hello, I am a documentary filmmaker, my channel UniqueTV Is dedicated for documentaries and I am preparing one video about Atheism and looking for someone who would like to share their story with Atheism. Please send to BR Theresa
  5. Curious World

    Documentary narration: Does accent matter?

    I've posted about narrative before, but this is slightly different. I've watched a lot of independent docs on YouTube, and as expected most are from US YouTubers. The English speaking world pretty much "gets" the accents and terms they use, as we've grown up with US entertainment all our lives...
  6. BobCorp

    Other Be in a documentary about community on YouTube!

    Hey folks, how are we all doing? My name is Bob and I'm a videomaker from England. Over the last year, I've been trying to develop my channel to take a more educational route, having produced a short documentary in early September about the history, culture and architecture of Covent Garden...