1. WarriorDan

    Killing Floor 2 Twisted Christmas DLC Review!

    Normally I only cover games themselves, but I decided to experiment with reviewing certain expansions and other major DLC, starting with Killing Floor 2's recent holiday expansion, "Twisted Christmas". Feedback on this video would be greatly appreciated, as I'm still tweaking my format a bit and...
  2. NocturnalGTX

    Wolfenstein 2 DLC Episode 2 Agent Silent Death

    I praised the first part of Wolfenstein’s 2 dlc pack but not this time. Episode 2 is a joke, not even 30 minutes of gameplay
  3. NocturnalGTX

    Wolfensteins 2 Freedom Chronicles Episode 1 Gunslinger Joe Volume 3

    Last part of Wolfensteins 2 Episode 1 DLC. Overall it was a nice experience, good flow and gunplay. If only the base game was like this instead of a glorified cinematic movie.
  4. NocturnalGTX

    Wolfensteins 2 Freedom Chronicles Episode 1 Gunslinger Joe Volume 2

  5. NocturnalGTX

    Wolfenstein 2 Freedom Chronicles Episode 1 Gunslinger Joe Volume 1

    So I was wrong, i’ve finished for the second time Episode 1 of Wolfenstein’s 2 dlc and it’s actually decent. The level design, although still linear, is good, you instinctively know where to go without running up and down and some stupid staircase until you see that one spot you were supposed to...
  6. DisStalker

    The Sims 4 City Living

    We are moving to the city and making new friends! Hope you Enjoy:D
  7. Ranmaru_Richu

    Modded Oblivion part 81 - Finished Furnishings!

    Finally got all of the upgrades for Battlehorn Castle and Frostcrag Spire! And we unlock a few secrets, too! Hope everyone enjoys!
  8. ColorCommentary

    Please review my very first AC Syndicate gameplay video

    Hello everyone, I have recently started a YouTube channel together with a very good friend of mine. We have two videos up, right now. But I would really like some feedback on our very first video. Anything you would be willing to give us would be appreciated. Mainly, however, we would...
  9. TheDirectorsOfGaming


  10. Shehzad

    Fallout 4 DLC Releases, Runescape Legends, BO3 Multiplayer Pack & More - Gaming News

    Fallout 4 is getting 3 DLC's this year and I'm not all that exited for them. Runescape does a hearthstone and brings it's own card game to open beta In March. We also get Call Of Duty BO3 Multiplayer pack for a limited time on steam. And I also mention some quick info in the video as well. Watch...
  11. ModestBudgetGaming

    FALLOUT 4 DLC!!! Thoughts, breakdown & analysis!

    Finally! Some awesome concrete news on the new Fallout 4 DLC!
  12. Zach S.

    The Final Skyrim Battle

    It has been 18 long videos everybody... We are now on to the last one of season one. I will most likely be doing another series on the dlc later in the year, but I don't know when that will be. Thank you everybody who watched, and be sure to subscribe to my channel so that I know you guys like...
  13. TheKirkyLife


    MOAR DLC for Rocket League has been released so that means MOAR unranked gameplay! It's time to totally miss the Wasteland as we head on the Chaos Run!
  14. C

    The new Rocket League DLC and Arena!

    I made a small overview about what the new DLC Chaos Run and the new Arena Wasteland include and look like!
  15. FantasticFreakingGaming


    Hey there guys and gals! Today I bring you my high round attempt on the new Black Ops 3 Zombies DLC map "The Giant". It is such a great map and brings back memories from the World at War zombies! If you enjoy the video be sure to show some love! Stay awesome people!