Wolfensteins 2 Freedom Chronicles Episode 1 Gunslinger Joe Volume 3


Last part of Wolfensteins 2 Episode 1 DLC. Overall it was a nice experience, good flow and gunplay. If only the base game was like this instead of a glorified cinematic movie.

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How is Wolfenstein 2 ? I've got it but still havent played it yet

The main campaign is mediocre, the level design is extremely linear and overall just bad. The game is riddled with cinematic cutscenes to the point that after every level you have to watch 10 minutes of cutscenes then run around the U-Boat for another 15 minutes before you start the next mission. The gunplay still feels nice when you actually get to shoot things, some people found the difficulty to hard, I played on “Do or Die” and found it easier than the first game.

The game came out full of bugs at launch: a lot of crashing, stability issues and glitches. All that was patched and the game runs really well now even if you enable the 16k textures.

The Dlc is a different story, its actually quite decent, no more cutscenes, just running around and killing Nazis. The first episode is around 3 hours long.