1. Jiri82pi

    Banned keywords - BLACKLIST

    Hello. After several uploading experiments, I've found that Youtube has a list of "forbidden" keywords that automatically prevent you from monetizing. Does anyone know where to get this blacklist? George.
  2. O

    Get rid of "More Videos" in YouTube Embed playlist.

    Normally if you click on share and embed a video it will give you an option to disable reccomended videos. But i don't see this when I go to share> embed playlist. I have a playlist on my website and it pops up videos randomly. I'm logged out of youtube as well so i don't think it's getting my...
  3. D

    I don't know why my content channel was disabled

    Channel 1: I have a channel that I created by my content. I created was 1 month ago. So I don't know why YouTube was disabled my channel. I was submit 30 appeals in 20 days. YouTube channel just say I violated community guidelines although I did not scam channel, click or any other matter...
  4. M

    Gaming Youtube/Gaming Group

    Hi, my name is MechtonFX and I am a YouTuber who does graphic design content. I have decided to create a Gaming, GFX and YouTube group. I am the owner and I am mostly active every day! I have created this group for people to have fun and make new friends online. Now when making a group like this...
  5. O

    Tip on how to categorize your channel

    I have one Channel for my personal stuff, Comedy and vlogs. I have another one for my film business that I use to upload concert films and my documentaries. Eventually I will branch out to film tutorials and game reviews. Here is what I will do to eliminate needing a bunch of channels. I will...