1. Sammie

    Short Film Anyone in New York

    Anyone in New York who would like to create a film crew and shoot short films. All different types of short films. I'm looking for people who are interested in Editing, Audio, lighting, script writing to be in the Crew so in total at least 4 other people not counting myself. We could always...
  2. The Humble JuanB

    Other Elm Street Stories! collab?

    im currently starting a really low budget episodic series around one of my favorite horror films. im looking to see if any of you are interested in working on episodes with me even split directing and shooting. we can collab through meet ups or over the internet, whatever works! contact me if...
  3. Sammie

    Music You need a Music Video?

    If someone needs a Music Video done for their song that they created message me and we could get into the video. It wouldn't cost anything to be done and you could upload the video to your channel and have it as your official Music video.
  4. Sammie

    Short Film Anyone Wanna collab

    I am looking for someone who is interested in Film making to collab with me on writing to script and the story board for the film. If we work well together I'm hoping we can become a team and continue to do short films together. The person doesn't need to live in my Area to help I can film the...
  5. Livid

    Short Film Male Actors/Female Actress NEEDED (Paid)

    I am a director working on a short film in the Long Island New York Area currently the date for when the short film will take place is in April. The lead actors/actresses will be paid 150-300 Dollars for their work since they will be working less then 8 hour days. The short film will take about...
  6. Livid

    Short Film Do Any Short Film Creators wanna collab?

    I am really new at directing and only start not even a couple months ago because I wasn't sure how to do anything and I didnt have anyone that would be interesting in acting but now I'm in this class in my highschool that has taught me things like how to use green screen effects and stuff like...
  7. Zen Zielke

    Community Channels

    Hey guys, I seem to have found myself looking for community channels for filmmakers and cinematic makers but the only community channels I've found all pertain to gaming. Are there any channels out there dedicated to helping promote up and coming filmmakers and directors on Youtube? Thanks...
  8. Vickie

    Interview with actor and resident director at Second City!

    Here's my latest interview! If you're interested in acting, directing, and comedy of any sort, you'll like it! For the FULL, uncut audio interview, check out my podcast! Please subscribe on iTunes :)