diablo 3

  1. LovelyWillow

    Gaming Creating my first youtube channel. LF PC Gamers

    Hey Everyone. The name's Willow. I'm putting together my first youtube channel as like a little personal project and I'm looking for people to maybe play some games with. I'm open to many games but I don't have the biggest budget right now. Please be mature and professional. Games I currently...
  2. N

    Gaming Looking For Someone To Collaborate With

    I have been making YouTube videos for over a year and I only have 16 subscribers. Mainly I am looking to make videos with other people but there are reasonable requirements. 1: Age of 18+ 2: Good quality audio and video 3: At least 1 video a week 4: Uses Skype or something equivalent 5: Plays...
  3. terror569

    Losing Everything In Diablo 3! 60 Bounty Bags

  4. Jake Fuller

    [2.4.1] Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls [Season 6] [Ep.1] Greater Rift Fire Unhallowed Essence Demon Hunter

    Today I am running season 6 greater rifts with my Fire Unhallowed Essence Demon Hunter. We ran rifts 47, 50 and 55. Got some gear I still needed and moved past paragon level 300.
  5. krisharper

    Gaming PS4 Gaming Collab

    Hey All! I would love to start a PS4 Gaming Collab! I am new to this forum and to Youtube as an uploader however I am not new to games as I have been playing since the SNES days and would love to share my passion with you guys and the world. A few requirements: - 20+ Age - PG-13. This means...
  6. Klunk

    Gaming Friendo who wants to stream. (Diablo 3 and such)

    Hi, I'm looking for some people to stream with, games such as Diablo 3, divinity original sin ( long games like this, but basically everything in the future :p ). I have some requirements tho :p, these are: Be like at least 16 or so. Be kinda decent in the game ( (Diablo) cause i suck and will...
  7. Bannik13

    Hearthstone.. The beginning is here.

    A lot of you already know I'm focusing on Diablo 3, but damn Hearthstone is one awesome game!! So I'll be starting a new journey with Hearthstone. Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun, veterans and new players alike. We can all learn from each other!!!!