destiny 2

  1. Shadess

    Gaming (PC) Looking for people to collab with for YouTube/Twitch

    My name is Ethan (Shades), I am 18 years old and live in the UK. I have recently been streaming my gameplay to Twitch and I am going to try and upload some of the gamplay to YouTube. I used to be fairly active on both platforms, but haven't been recently as I had to part with my PS4. Now I have...
  2. ParalyshisGaming

    Updated Gaming Channel Introduction! - ParalyshisGaming (2018)

  3. DocTheDuck

    Request Need Youtube banner and logo ( Free or Flexible Price)

    I'm looking for a custom high quality banner and logo for YouTube. Since my channel name is doctheduck maybe the logo could revolve around a duck? or just a D it's really up to you. I'm looking for a cartoonish/bright colored logo and banner. Depending on how much I like it we can discuss...
  4. ParalyshisGaming

    Destiny 2 Walkthrough Part 2 (1080p 60 fps w/commentary)

  5. ParalyshisGaming

    Destiny 2 Walkthrough Part 1 Titan - The City Falls (1080p)

    What is good everyone!? I decided that it was really bothering me that my first video that i ever uploaded doesn't have any commentary. So, with that on my mind i decieded to record and upload a new version with better graphics and commentary! I played A titan this time around for my Destiny 2...
  6. MrPryce

    Destiny 2 Gameplay PC

    Hey everyone this is one of the videos I made other day playing Destiny 2 and on my gaming pc, I believe was using almost highest graphic settings but mostly looking for feedback on the video and any advice thanks.
  7. Firefang

    SEO in Titles: help clear up my confusion.

    I recently made a video about Destiny 2 controversy regarding the hidden level scaling Bungie had implemented in their game. I tried ranking for 'Destiny 2 xp limiting', 'Destiny 2 xp controversy' and 'Destiny 2 xp scaling. Now If I would want to have those keywords in my title, I'd need to...
  8. ManzMedia

    Gaming Destiny 2 PS4 Collab

    Hey Everyone! I'm looking for someone to play/collab Destiny 2 with. The requirements are few but important... 1. I do not cuss on my channel, so while recording it would be cool if you respected that. 2. You have to have it for PS4... I'm too poor for multiple copies of the game xD 3. Don't be...
  9. Worldsgreatestvideogamers

    Insane New Destiny 2 Easter Egg

    We found a new Easter egg in Destiny 2, and almost lost our lunch at how controversial it is!
  10. SmileB4DEATH

    Gaming 12k+ channel looking to work with others

    Hey guys i originally started youtube when i was like 19, im now 28 and i just not long ago lost my original youtube channel of 72k subscribers/19 Million views but sadly a long story short youtube/adsense took a dump on my channel so i had to rebuild. I am looking for motivated people who see...
  11. Brilli2K

    Gaming Forming a group for Destiny 2/Other games

    Hi, I'm YungBrilli and am looking for gamers that are going to be playing the newly releasing Destiny 2 on PS4. The only requirements are that you have a mic and are around 15 or older . If you're interested comment below or send me a message on here or PS4 at extrabrillio.
  12. SAJCON

    Gaming Starting a serious gaming community/business

    Hi, fellow YouTube enthusiast! My name is Christian Karström, I'm a family man, I live in Sweden and I'm 27. I've done YouTube for 3 years in the past an had a peak at 500k+ views per month. I left that channel for a few months due to personal reasons but now I want to get back to it in a bit...
  13. YT Kaye2DaJaye

    Gaming Youtube Team Starting Now (XBOX ONE)

    First things first id like to introduce myself.... My Name is KayeJaye, But you can call me Kaye for Short.. or call me 5'7 cause i am short. If your a lady then you can just call me "Tonight." :) *cringe alert* .....Anyways Im 22, Born In Virginia, But Stay in North Carolina. I am currently...
  14. Olivia91

    Inverted Spire Strike

    Destiny 2 Strike Mission - The Inverted Spire Strike, you and your team are sent to Arcadian Valley, Nessus to investigate the Cabal's presence and interest in the area and take down vex new powerful enemy.
  15. Sladee

    How to EARN DESTINY 2 (WoW Tokens)

    For those that don't know WoW is World of Warcraft. You can farm in game to get Wow Tokens and add them to you Blizzard Balance, which you can use to purchase Destiny 2 since it is now on Blizzard's Battle.Net/Blizzard Launcher. BE WARNED This process will take a while. It's no gonna be done in...
  16. ProfessionalRik


    Probably one of my best videos in a while. Still, I give it a B+, maybe an A-. Scalebound might not be dead, but hundreds of virtual bunnies essentially are, due to legal actions against the creator. WoW Tokens reached record high prices and a new music adventure game is coming.
  17. ARedX

    Gaming Looking for PS4 Collab.

    hey everyone, I'd like to find someone who has some contact out already and would like to do a collab together. I don't have many subscribers (98) but I am a hard worker and will be getting more. I Post 5 days a week mostly being Destiny, Pokémon, Resident Evil, The bunker, and World War Toons...
  18. MajesticBox

    Destiny Age of Triumph - Nightfall, Unlimited Super Power

    Destiny Age of Triumph - Nightfall, Unlimited Super Power In destiny age of triumph my friends and I use our unlimited supers from the new perk to kill everything around us. Hope you enjoy the destiny age of triumph video. If you like the video check out my channel and subscribe for more.
  19. MajesticBox

    Destiny Funny Moments - Worst Raid Team Ever, Crota's End Fails

    Destiny Funny Moments - Worst Raid Team Ever, Crota's End Fails Today in destiny funny moments my friends and I play crota's end to prep up for the age of triumph raids and we have so much funny moments and epic fails while playing this. Hope you enjoy the destiny funny moments video. If you...
  20. fudgepops

    need some advice!

    i've been making content for a few months now and have been struggling with views... was just wondering if anyone could give me any constructive criticism on what I might be missing.. the type of videos I do are reactionary gameplays to the game destiny :)...
  21. Pixeled Monk

    Destiny 2 Is Confirmed And That Sucks!

    Destiny 2 is confirmed for 2017 and that really sucks! More than likely they will add micro-transactions and expensive expansion packs that will be necessary for leveling within the game.